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YMMV: Power Academy
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Considering her very Moe behavior, it can be questioned whether Eve specifically modified Lightning's behavior to replicate her deceased daughter, or if Layla was just always very cutesy, cheerful and energetic. The latter even has a Heroic BSOD when considering the former possibility.
  • Crazy Awesome: Harken, Magi and Sebastian.
    • Gill wouldn't be nearly as awesome if he didn't have such profound tendencies for improvisation.
    • Not unlike Harken and Magi, Talan and Lightning are Crazy Awesome in the form of a cute couple.
  • Evil Is Cool: Especially with Affably Evil in full play for many of the villain characters. Swilium, Alexei and Selene border on Draco in Leather Pants at times.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Both the male (Jonathan, Swilium, Warpen, Alexei) and female (Tala, Selene, Juliana, Willow's Superpowered Evil Side) varieties can be seen.
  • Ho Yay: Plenty of it to go around.
    • Xavier and Simon get in some flirty remarks with each other when the latter is briefly gender-flipped in the Mad Science class.
    • Even if they're not romancing each other, Corvus and Swilium have affectionate nicknames for each other and get in some playful flirting.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Alexei, as the leader of Equinox.
    • Swilium is one of the world's most efficient thieves, and does so without ever taking a life.
  • Moe: Invoked in-universe. In one party conversation, Val jokes that she, Layla, Sam, and Dawn qualify as this.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If he hadn't already crossed it before, Jonathan's Moral Event Horizon came when he ordered his guards to..."unwind" with their prisoners (including Sam at the time).
    • There are many points where Vilhelm may have crossed it...
      • Trying to repurpose Blaze, Hydro and Lightning as super-soldiers against their will.
      • Attempting to convert Dr. Ulrich into one of his cyborg lieutenants, ending with her suicide.
      • Offering to "modify" people who misbehave in his class.
      • Going on a mass-abduction spree, butchering and experimenting on innocent people to create his cyborg army.
    • When they were still together, Helena once dared Talan to wear a dress for her in private. She crossed the line when she took pictures and posted them on the Internet for all to see, driving Talan nearly to suicide. Upon learning this, Lightning vowed to make her pay.
    • For Jane, she drugged and raped James to have his child, only to isolate herself from him and later tell him that Jackson was stillborn. She believes she has long since crossed the horizon, though she is trying to redeem herself through her work.
    • Warpen attempting to force himself onto Val.
    • Terminus casually wiping out a small town with a wave of her hand.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Ugly Cute: Alderon's skeleton wolf familiar and Midori, Lily's pet venus flytrap.
  • Uncanny Valley: Garrett, due to his Nonstandard Character Design.
  • The Woobie: Long story short: most characters. For a detailed breakdown (no pun intended)...
    • Layla, upon her spoileriffic backstory being revealed.
    • Sam, especially with the horrors he's been through.
    • Dawn, thanks to being so painfully shy, as well as being the newbie of the team.
    • Iron Woobie: Val.
      • Alice certainly counts; though outwardly tough, she's clearly more vulnerable around her friends. She also lived in a hellish, irradiated wasteland with her family for most of her life.
      • Alexei (no pun intended). He has had multiple close brushes with death, and most of his family is dead; the latter is part of what drives him to his Knight Templar tendencies, making him double as a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
      • Surprisingly, Talan qualifies, given the revelation about the incident Helena put him through—to the point of being borderline suicidal. Clearly, he's gotten better, though.
      • As a Living Emotional Crutch for James, Lily provides a lot of emotional stability for him. She does, however, show signs of vulnerability after she talks about her past. Her mother was horrifically abusive, but it just ended up inspiring Lily to be the nurturing mother figure she never had.
      • Victoria has had a comically dysfunctional childhood, spending literally all of her life (up until age 23, when she first arrives at the Academy) never knowing anyone else aside from her parents and her magic teacher. No wonder she became so attached to Mikoto so quickly...
    • Jerkass Woobie: Swilium, especially when he is shown breaking into tears.
      • Blaze has trouble showing her pain, coming from (and rejected by) the same project that created Lightning—hence her (albeit fleeting) resentment of Layla. She also mentions that she nearly drowned in a huge flood during a hurricane when she was 13, and it's only because of Hydro that she's still alive.
    • Stoic Woobie: James, easily. Power Academy is his life's work, and he fears he will have nowhere to go if it fails—and it's already in danger of failing. It's not until he opens up to Lily that his inner turmoil is made apparent. His unpleasant past with Jane only increases the woobie factor. And now his life is on the line thanks to a Deal with the Devil he made to get the school built on time.

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