YMMV / Ozzy and Drix

  • Anvilicious: The show is not subtle about the health and safety advice it gives, but since it's meant to be an edutainment show about a teenager's body, it can be forgiven for this.
  • Broken Base: Some fans see the series as better than the movie due to the omission of live-action grossout scenes and its edutainment factor, while others see it as inferior to the movie and expressed disappointment that the darker, "adult" tone of the movie was replaced with a lighter, cheesier, more kid-friendly one in the show.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song:
    They're bad to the bone, even badder in the bladder,
    Make a scene in the spleen, put the hustle in the muscle,
    Put the hip in the hips, the word on the lips,
    Ideas in the brain, keepin' him sane!
    (Keepin' him sane!)
  • Jerkass Woobie: Ozzy's evil twin in the episode where Ozzy undergoes mitosis and splits into two. While his motives don't justify trying to kill Ozzy, he notes that his mutation will lead to him being rejected by Hector unless he kills the original, meaning he's basically motivated by a fear of dying so soon after he came into existence. Even Ozzy himself seems to sympathize, as he arranges to have his twin sent to Hector's dog to be "King of the Canine" rather than just straight up flushed.
  • The Scrappy: Mayor Spryman. He's an Ungrateful Bastard who abuses his power as mayor and bullies Ozzy.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Allergies are biologically described, as what happens when the white blood cells become overprotective towards a specific thing (allergens). Knowing this fact, the episode with allergens could've been the perfect opportunity to make fun of the way governments (and cops) go to ridiculous lengths in fighting crime and terror. Instead, the allergen is just as antagonistic as every other germ in the series and the closest we get is an innocent being mistaken for the allergen.
    • The fact that Hector was a relatively normal boy left a lot of unanswered questions as to how the body and mind, and their respective characters, would be different if the host had a chronic condition or mental disorder. Doubly jarring since Ozzy did travel to Christine's body at one point, where we saw how the lifestyles of those inside bodies differed depending on the biological sex of their host, meaning examining other bodies while still having Hector as the main hub would have been possible. And of course, it being for younger audiences, the onset of sexual maturity and everything it entails wasn't explored (though Hector does experience a small growth spurt and some G-rated side effects of puberty).
  • The Woobie: Poor Hector had the misfortune of having his body be the main hub of a show about health and the human body...so naturally he's the host to a whole bunch of illnesses and injuries, many of which could kill him. And unlike Frank, he's just a kid. To top it off, while some of what he does go through were logical, if exaggerated, end results of his actions in order to teach An Aesop (the episode about a blood clot implied he'd been eating unhealthily for a while now, the episode about a concussion started with him skateboarding with no helmet, etc.), some were just bad luck or circumstance (the pilot episode shows him getting Scarlet Fever from a mosquito bite, and the very next episode is him having to face a bully who could knock six bells out of him because Ozzy hit the wrong nerve at the wrong time).