YMMV: Marilyn Manson

    • Basically Antichrist Superstar is Manson's magnum opus, though Mechanical Animals has a big fandom thanks to its glam rock leanings.
    • His cover of "This is Halloween" is almost as good as the original song, in its own way.
  • Base Breaker: The later albums, such as Born Villain and The High End Of Low, have incredibly mixed reactions among the fanbase.
  • Byronic Hero: The protagonists of each album in Manson's Triptych are implied to be this ( assuming that they're all different people).
  • Covered Up: The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" and Patti Smith's "Rock & Roll Nigger."
  • Creepy Awesome
  • Fanon: The rumour that Manson had his two bottom ribs removed in order to perform DIY blowjobs. This has persisted despite the fact that an operation of this kind would probably be fatal, and no doctor on earth would agree to perform it. That, the Wonder Years rumor, the "killing puppies" rumor, and the "Manson is actually a chick" rumors still exist to this day.
  • Foe Yay: Manson and his first guitarist, Daisy Berkowitz, never missed a chance to be nasty about each other, whether it's bashing each other in interviews or dragging the other into court for any reason. Not to mention that Manson's autobiography is peppered with constant denigrating comments about Daisy's sex life. Yet, amazingly enough, as of November 2011 Daisy and Marilyn have reconciled and are on speaking terms again.
  • Heartwarming Moment: This scene from Bowling For Columbine.
  • Hell Is That Noise: "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" opens with the sound of a woman and a baby screaming, accompanied by gunfire.
  • Ho Yay: Manson tends to have a lot with his bassists, Gidget Gein, Twiggy Ramirez and Tim Skold, respectively.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: They're a metal band that got well known in the mainstream. Of course there will be a section of fans who will immediately brand them as sell-outs!
  • Mis-blamed: The whole Columbine affair. As it happened, the killers didn't listen to Marilyn Manson at all, they only bought one of Marilyn Manson's albums, and they thought he was a sellout and a poseur. Even if they had listened to him, it would have been a significant stretch to put that as the reason for them picking up a gun and going crazy. However, in cases like this, someone has to be the bad guy, and when it came out that the culprits were metal fans, right-wing America jumped to the most notorious current band they could think of — Marilyn Manson (largely ignoring such bands as KMFDM and Rammstein, which they did listen to). In the end, it got so bad that Marilyn had to come out and attempt to bat back the rumours, which he did well considering the overwhelming tide of outrage he was up against.
    • Well, some people in the U.S. accused KMFDM for the shooting, and it doesn't help that band are from Germany.
    • Not that it makes it any less of an outrage, but something like this was probably to be expected given what the name Manson is associated with in America.
  • Moment Of Awesome: When Marilyn Manson (the person) went on The O'Reilly Factor and managed to get Bill O'Reilly, the man who would sooner shout over his guests than let them get their point across, to shut up for five seconds.
    • Musically, when he gets thousands of fans to tell the cops and protesters to basically fuck off during "lunchbox" on "The Last Tour on Earth" live album.
    Manson: There's about a hundred cops just waiting to arrest any of us! I think we should say hello to the cops!
    Michael Moore: If you were to talk directly to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community, what would you say to them if they were here right now?
    Marilyn Manson: I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say, and that's what no one did.
  • Narm Charm: Manson once did a cover of the Nightmare Before Christmas theme song. Now picture Manson poncing about in Halloween Town.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Most of their music videos, and to many people, Marilyn's appearance.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Manson's Nightmare Before Christmas cover. We see through your act now, Manson! You're not evil, you just want to be the prettiest ghoul at the whole Pumpkin Ball!
    • His whole Clone High cameo, where amongst other things, he sings a happy musical number about the food pyramid.
  • Overshadowed By Controversy: For many people, Manson is more a figurehead for shock rock.
  • Painful Rhyme: "The Fight Song"
    I'm not a slave to a God that doesn't exist/ I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit
  • Signature Song: "The Beautiful People" is Manson's calling card to this day.
  • Vindicated by History: Wikipedia says it best:
    [Holy Wood] was initially a commercial disappointment, garnering first week sales of 117,000 units and a peak charting position at No.13 on the Billboard 200. However, with worldwide sales of over 9 million copies, as of 2011, the album has become one of the most successful of Marilyn Manson's career.