YMMV / Hotel Hell

  • Bile Fascination: Many episodes have guests showing up to the hotels because they heard Ramsay is filming there. They must know the hotel will be awful enough to warrant an episode, but they're still willing to spend money to be there.
    • It's also the very reason you're watching this show!
  • Ear Worm: The theme song.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The Meson de Mesilla owner, Cali, and her repeated murdering of Cher tunes by karaoke.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • The River Rock Inn was pretty much Squick incarnate. From dead bugs littering the rooms, to dust and dirt accumulating everywhere, to sheets stained with semen.
      • The stained bed in the Monticello Hotel episode is even worse. This time, the mattress and sheets in question used to be in the owner's house, so everyone immediately knows whose semen is staining the sheets. Seeing how the owner was also a raging alcoholic, it's probably more than just semen stains.
    • On first seeing the pool at the Meson de Mesilla from a distance, Gordon commented that it was "full of crap." When he tried to take a swim the following morning, however, he found out that his throwaway remark was literally correct. The same was also true at the Four Seasons Inn, except this time it was dog crap, apparently from the owner's dog, Layla.
    • The Towns Inn. Oh, goodness, the Towns Inn. Baskets filled with bugs, refrigerators and freezers that are kept outside and the state of the rooms. Ramsay discovers a horrid smell coming from his room and does a swab test under the mat then pops it into a reader that tests bacteria. Anything above 30 is supposed to be a danger zone. The reading turns out to be 803. The owner admits that she has had diarrhea and some of it may have gotten tracked into the room.
    • The swab test came up again in "Brick Hotel" with a reading on a bathroom shower curtain of 5,680.
    Ramsay: I'm gonna wash my hands. (bleep) hell. (rings a fire alarm, evacuating the hotel)
  • Nightmare Fuel: At the Cambridge Hotel, Gordon is told that the hotel is haunted by a four year old girl, and naturally dismisses it when told the ghost roams the third floor. Upon being told that the hotel owners will have to live upstairs if the hotel fails, Gordon decides to go and investigate. The atmosphere is creepy at best given the floor's state of disrepair, but then Gordon finds a mannequin lacking its hands (with simulated blood at the stumps) leering out of the window at the street below. The music does not help at all, nor did the early hint of something upstairs in one of the cuts to a break, zooming in on an ominous figure in the third floor window.
  • Ugly Cute: Gordon's English bulldog Rumpole, whom we meet in the Four Seasons Inn episode.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • One of the hotel owners had a policy of keeping all customer information - name, address, phone number, and full credit card data - written down in a single book, with no computer system whatsoever in use. Gordon quickly demonstrates, shortly after his arrival at the hotel, that it would be very easy for literally anyone to grab that book and run off with the credit card information of hundreds of guests. Even regardless of the desk clerk saying she could call 911 if she saw someone do this, he still points out that by the time she even dialed, they could be long gone with the book. Later, he shows this book to several guests and none of them are particularly pleased by this lack of security. By the end of the episode he's provided them a computer to keep the information stored securely.
    • Zach from Angler's Lodge. He tells Gordon Ramsay, who is sitting in the dining room of his parents' hotel with a TV crew filming his every move, how much he wants to leave the lodge and return to his old life, then acts shocked that his parents found out.
  • The Woobie:
    • Sukie and David from the Hotel Chester. David had a car accident that left him physically disabled, which led to him letting standards slip in the hotel, losing money to the point that they are unable to afford a head chef so his wife Sukie had to do all the cooking. On top of this, the two lost their house because of all the money they lost, so they ended up having to live in the hotel. Sukie would go days without even setting foot outside the hotel. Gordon took pity on them and so he paid for a head chef, remodelled the hotel and, best of all, paid for an apartment for the two to stay in for six months, until they found their feet. As of this writing the hotel is doing much better and David and Sukie have since escaped their Woobie status for the most part.
    • Joanna from Applegate River Lodge, whose stoner husband and two slacker sons don't seem to care that they're a million dollars in debt or about helping to run the business. Gordon is absolutely outraged to find just how much she is exploited by her husband and sons.