Awesome / Hotel Hell

  • Ramsey gets one in the very first episode, tearing apart the snobby owner of Juniper Hill Inn for his condescending attitude and horribly misaligned priorities.
  • At the Four Seasons Inn, Gordon sees the big problem is the owner refusing to actually have contact with the guests and get their feedback, so he tricks him into a confrontation with every current guest plus a Hilton general manager he invited. It works perfectly, as the hotel is still open with great reviews.
  • Richard, stoner father of the Applegate River Lodge, actually built the lodge with his own hands. There's photos of him continuing to work even with a broken arm.
  • At the dilapidated Brick Hotel, Gordon is horrified at the levels of bacteria present in his hotel room, and shares his discovery with a few guests who are ready to bolt for the door. Fed up, Gordon pulls the fire alarm and forces everyone outside where he forces the hotel's overbearing owner Virandar to confront her guests, who are all equally appalled at the unsanitary state of the building. It proves to be the wake-up call the stubborn Virandar needed to get the hotel the help it needed.