Heartwarming / Hotel Hell

  • In the episode with the Keating Hotel the head chef was so worn down mentally from the owner's constant addition of bizarre new food items to the menu (necessitating everything be precooked and vacuum sealed due to the convoluted requirements) and not letting him actually cook properly, his anxiety levels were so high and he was so dehydrated and physically exhausted from his strenuous work schedule that he ''passed out' mid-conversation. After spending a day convalescing, he returned to work during the typical "everything is getting better" portion of the show, saw the new condensed menu and helped prepare a few simple dishes with Gordon. Getting to actually perform the task he loves the proper way, and tasting food that wasn't boiled in a bag, got him so happy he was laughing and crying at the same time.
  • In the episode with the Hotel Chester, Gordon not only saves the hotel (including paying for a top chef's salary out of his own pocket until the owners can afford to do so themselves) but also gives the husband and wife owners a nice apartment after they'd been forced to live in the hotel for years, ever since losing their home.
  • Ramsay sincerely complimenting the mother, Rita, on the quality of her cooking in "Calumet's." That's quite something coming from a chef like Ramsay.