Heartwarming / Hotel Hell

  • In the Cambridge Hotel episode, Gordon talked with a 19 year old boy working as a prep cook named Scooter. He told Gordon that his family didn't believe he would be good at anything other than cooking, had two heart surgeries and two in his back, and he worked to pay his way through college so he could open his own bakery. By the end of the episode, Gordon decided to fund his college tuition in exchange for the first loaf of bread from his future bakery.
  • In the episode with the Keating Hotel the head chef was so worn down mentally from the owner's constant addition of bizarre new food items to the menu (necessitating everything be precooked and vacuum sealed due to the convoluted requirements) and not letting him actually cook properly, his anxiety levels were so high and he was so dehydrated and physically exhausted from his strenuous work schedule that he passed out mid-conversation. After spending a day convalescing, he returned to work during the typical "everything is getting better" portion of the show, saw the new condensed menu and helped prepare a few simple dishes with Gordon. Getting to actually perform the task he loves the proper way, and tasting food that wasn't boiled in a bag, got him so happy he was laughing and crying at the same time.
  • The Hotel Chester, in contrast to other places, was actually run by competent individuals. David worked for thirty years turning hotels around and has a masters in management; however, a horrific car accident nearly killed him and greatly restricted his mobility. He and his wife Sukie eventually lost their home, and were living in a tiny room in the hotel itself to keep their dream alive. They are genuinely nice people who only appeared on the show thanks to a bad run of fortune and the decisions it forced on them. Gordon not only saves the hotel, including paying for a top chef's salary out of his own pocket until the owners can afford to do so themselves, but also rents a nice apartment for David and Sukie and pays for the first six month's rent. He's confident they will bring the hotel back with the changes made and be able to support themselves afterward.
  • At the Calumet Inn, Ramsay finds the owners' mother, Rita, making homemade Thai food for her daughters. He sincerely compliments her on the quality of her cooking; that's quite something coming from a chef like Ramsay. He's actually impressed enough to use her cooking style as the basis for a new menu at the Inn's restaurant.
  • Ramsay renting the Towns Inn's eccentric innkeeper her own bungalow after he finds out she has been sleeping on a wooden board, padded by a few thin blankets, in her tiny office. The turnover is miraculous, and Karan looks overjoyed, stating that she never wants to go back to the disorganized dump she had been running before. Karan had been a sweet lady all along, she was just totally out of her depth and didn't accept the problems she had.
  • With the Four Seasons Inn, we see Ramsey with his bulldog and it's kind of adorable to see Gordan be a sweet pet owner. Shows a whole other side to Ramsey that some wouldn't be aware of.