Funny / Hotel Hell

  • Gordon finding a large spoon in the Juniper Inn.
    Gordon: What is this? Were you born with this in your mouth?
  • In the Keating Hotel episode, Gordon comments with one of the guests about the color of the lobby. She jokes that it looks like a brothel. When Gordon questions her about it, she replies "I've been told about them", and Gordon replies "Well, I can confirm that".
  • In Brick Hotel, Gordon sees a miniature dining set on a space in the wall. He takes it out and sits in one of the chairs, and asks the housekeeping lady to sit on the other chair.
  • In Hotel Chester, Gordon Ramsay takes over an hour to receive his lunch, so he goes to take a nap. Right after it arrives, Lindsey finds the table empty and says "Dammit." The way she says it is just plain hilarious.