YMMV: Gungrave

Tropes That Apply To Both Series
  • Adaptation Displacement: Wait, the anime is loosely based off of a lesser-known arcade-style third person shooter?
  • Ho Yay Shipping: Bob Poundmax and Balladbird Lee seem to be "very close friends".
    • There's some slashy implications between Brandon and Harry as well. Arguably more than "some."
    • Come to think of it Bunji and Brandon as well.
      • Pick any two guys and you can conceivably see this: Harry and Lee, Cannon Vulcan and Blood War, Bear and... Okay, maybe not Bear.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Harry shooting an unarmed Brandon after Brandon can't bring himself to shoot Harry.
  • The Woobie: Arguably Mika and Grave.

Tropes That Apply To The Video Games

Tropes That Apply To The Anime