Heartwarming / Gungrave

He may have lost many people he loved, but he still has this little girl.
  • At the end of Overdose, Grave speaks one and only one line—to Mika. Going by the game's storyline, it's probably the first time she's ever heard him speak. He really does care about her. D'aww.
  • The ending of the anime. "...Welcome home."
    • The melancholy theme that plays during that part is titled Happy Ending.
    • The ending itself is heavier on the tearjerking side, but the fact that Brandon and Harry, despite having been enemies since Harry murdered Brandon thirteen years ago and all Brandon's loved ones, finally reconcile, is just very touching and sweet. They are friends forever.
      • Their reconciliation is incredibly touching because it's caused by nothing but just a simple Turn the Other Cheek from Brandon/Grave.
      • At first, this troper thought the fact that Brandon's gun was empty the moment Harry used it to shoot Brandon in the Mutual Kill as revealed in the intermission after Harry was shot for the first time only ruins the drama, but then, this actually may just imply Harry's Heel–Face Turn. Funnily enough, Harry's aim during the Mutual Kill looks off too.
  • Part of the ending of the first game, in which Grave survives the ordeal and leaves with Mika, having found a new purpose/reason to "live" again.
  • "...I believe you."
  • In episode 23 Bear Walken dissolved the Overkills before going off to confront Brandon. He told them that they are free to do what they want. Then in next episode, A bunch of them arrived to save Harry and Sherry from an assassination because they felt that it was Bear's deepest desire to make sure that his daughter and her husband is safe.
    • The reason why Bear let his men go? He didn't want them to be converted into Orgmen. That's rather sweet for a guy like Bear.
  • The relationship between Grave and Mika. She's a living memento of the people he knew and loved when he was Brandon, and he's more or less her big brother, a father figure, and a best friend who gives his all to keep her safe. Even with almost all of his memories gone, he still managed to hold on to at least one—a promise he made to Maria.
  • A small one from the first game: during the intermission before the final level, Mika manages to contact Grave by use of a 2-way radio. She's relieved to know that Grave is fine after the explosion, and says that she's more than a little scared to be alone, but she has complete faith in him. She says she'll wait for him to return and wishes him luck in completing his final objective.
  • Whenever Grave smiles and pats Mika on her head. It's all he needs to show his affection towards Mika.
  • The flashback in episode 25. It's almost a Mood Whiplash as it's a much Lighter and Softer sequence in the anime, but it shows that Harry and Brandon were genuinely happy in the past. They were free and had so much fun together with their old gang, unlike now. One has just lost his wife and is getting hunted by the splinter-faction of the organization he formerly led, while another is an undead who is decomposing rather fast and can't even walk properly anymore.
  • The moment Brandon reminisces about Maria in episode 20.