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YMMV: Guild Wars
  • Anti-Climax Boss/Breather Boss: The Lich in Prophecies. He is literally weak to almost everything. Killing him isn't the trick, it's killing him on the soulstone that finishes him. This also carries over to Nightfall. Breather Boss in that in Prophecies, you have to traverse a rather lengthy stage to get to him, and in Nightfall, you have to face him at the same time as Shiro Tagachi, AND have had to traverse a long stage.
    • Abaddon in Nightfall is a relatively straightforward battle and it mercifully doesn't regen health like other bosses do.
    • A rather interesting phenomena with Shiro Tagachi though. Some view him as an Anticlimax Boss in Factions, but That One Boss in Nightfall, while others view him as That One Boss in Factions but a Breather Boss in Nightfall. Others also view him as That One Boss regardless of campaign.
      • There's some justification for both. In "Factions", he fight alone, completely alone, there's no stage before you reach him so you only need to prepare for fighting him. In "Nightfall", however, he returns with an extra long (and somewhat challenging mission) alongside the Lich when you finally do fight him. On the plus side the in the refight he's missing a few of his attack including his Desperation Attack, the Lich as far as this troper can tell was also completely lacking skills. But the biggest issue is that you CAN pull Shiro away from the Lich, even if it is difficult and fight both one vs eight. So... If you don't know what's coming the "Factions" fight is harder, if you do though the Nightfall fight will seem harder.
  • Die for Our Ship: The main reason some see Keiran as The Scrappy.
  • Epileptic Trees: A few. First, you've got the origins of the Mursaat, but the one with the most obscure roots is Arachnia. To elaborate, several parts of the Realm of Torment look, well, insect-like. Code discovered in the game referred to these areas with names like 'Arachnia Plateau' and mentioned a spider goddess older than even the core six of the series. Arachnia herself has never appeared, but you can probably find players on any GW forum making speculations about what role she played.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: "I swear, if we didn't need him, I would shove him off a bridge.". Cue Gadd's death at the end of the G.O.L.E.M. mission, and Vekk scattering his ashes from the bridge in Riven Earth.
  • Game Breaker: Given the ease and large number of options for customizing your build, smart players have found many throughout the years. Most of them tend to get Nerfed by changing one of the key skills in an update.
    • Honorary mention goes to the infamous 55hp build. This build relies on using Power at a Price items that give large bonuses at the cost of health to reduce your maximum health to 55hp (480 hp is normal for a level 20 character), and then use a skill that caps the maximum amount of damage the player takes to a certain percentage of the player's health and a skill that heals a fixed amount of health per second. This makes the player practically unkillable, and was very popular for solo-farming. During an update, the most popular farming area was changed to include insect enemies that, according to an NPC, migrate and are attracted to places where a lot of killing has taken place. These insects happened to have the perfect skills to counter the 55hp build.
    • The hands down winner in the is Shadow Form, making the player virtually invulnerable (causing attack to miss and spells to fail), with the downside of losing ~90% of your hitpoints when it ends. It can be kept up indefinitely with the right skills though. Oops. After a long time of this build ruling the solo-farming scene, Arenanet made an attempt to nerf it by letting the enemies hit you, limit the damage you could do and take less damage while under it's effectm while removing some of its already existing downsides. However, the nerf failed: while solo-farming had become much harder, it is actually considered to be better for use in groups carrying the build to finish specific areas in the game in record times.
    • Similarly, several specialized builds were developed that enabled monks to "run" various dungeons, in conjunction with other player-character monks or NPC hero monks. These builds were widely used (some would say abused) in dungeons such as Cathedral of Flames before Arenanet finally "nerfed" them.
  • Goddamn Bats: Quite a few enemies (especially mesmers), but the necromancer's minions, Ritualist's spirits, and several PVE summon skills/items are notable for being friendly Goddamn Bats. All of them do little damage damage individually, but the player's party can field quite a few of them and they are very usefull for keeping your opponents busy and drawing their fire away from the players.
  • Memetic Mutation: Frenzy Heal Sig, Echo Mending, IWAY, Mini Crab
    • Norn have no need of memes, we are Norn!
    • In fact, the IWAY build has so much notoriety that virtually any successful team build is now called X-way.
  • Narm: "As a boy I spent much time in these lands. Look at them now." To their credit, A-Net poked fun at themselves about this line during the Nightfall campaign with some Bad Bad Acting and writing in the Obvious Trap play performed for Prince Bokka.
  • The Scrappy: Kormir from Nightfall, who is hated for releasing Abaddon, being considered absolutely useless both in the story and gameplay, AND getting rewarded for it by becoming a god.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: This pops up every time ArenaNet updates the game to change PvE or PvP skills.
    • Not to mention the expansion wank. Some say Nightfall or Eye of the North ruined the game; some trace it back to Factions. And then with the proposed changes in Guild Wars 2...
  • That One Achievement: For a long time, this title could belong to either "Legendary Defender of Ascalon" or "Legendary Survivor". Updates later reduced the difficulty and grind involved.
    • The original drunk title also qualified to a degree, due to the careful need to calculate your drunk level and maintain it via creative zoning and consumption for hours on end. Arena Net nerfed the title in 2011 so that player characters can now reach the maximum title level simply by consuming 10,000 points worth of alcohol without needing to worry about timing themselves to maintain a constant "drunk" level.
  • That One Boss: Shiro in each of his appearances is bound to make at least one player tear their hair out. And some of the Monk bosses at the end of Prophecies, thanks to their healing capabilities, can take quite a while to whittle down.
    • Also a lot of elementalist bosses, since bosses get a double damage bonus a lot of them can kill players in seconds. Ritualist bosses with Spirit Rift are even more infamous for their party-slaughtering abilities.
    • VARESH. She's harder than the final boss!!! (So much so, in fact, that many players choose to rely on monks with specialized builds to "run" the Ruins of Morah mission for them instead of expending time and frustration in trying to kill the Warmarshal themselves.)
    • The Dreadspawn Maw and Mallyx the Unyielding in the Realm of Torment.
    • Dare I even mention Dhuum?
  • That One Level: The Gate Of Madness mission in Nightfall, where you fight the final bosses of Prophecies and Factions at the same time. As if Shiro Tagachi wasn't bad enough on his own during the final battle of Factions...
    • Shiro can be quite easy to take down, with the right builds, and especially if a couple of the players have a debuff which makes him take damage from his own attacks, such as Empathy, Pain Inverter or Spoil Victor. The Warrior skill "Wild Blow" is also highly useful against Shiro, as it will end a key stance he takes that protects him against damage.
    • To be fair, Shiro has lost his most annoying skills from Factions. The Lich however, got a serious boost.
    • The Foundry of Failed Creations sub-level in the Domain of Anguish. Groups that make it through the three other zones often fail in the third room of Foundry. There's a reason gemstones from it cost half-again to double what the gemstones in the other zones cost.
  • Ugly Cute: Wallows.
  • The Untwist: The fact that Vizier Khilbron was actually the Lich was almost painfully obvious when first meeting him.

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