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YMMV: Dragon Quest VI
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Terry. Is he a selfish asshole who only comes around after being beaten silly by the party, or is he a Hurting Hero whose desire to become the greatest swordsman is fueled by the trauma of seeing his sister kidnapped (and not for the first time, either), and only acts like a jerk in an effort to push potential friends away so he doesn't lose them too? Also, was his Deal with the Devil with Dhuran a selfish act of spite just to gain more power, or an act of desperation after the party unknowingly crushed his lifelong dream by finding the Sword of Ramia before he could?
  • Base Breaker: Is Ashlynn an interesting character who displays some of the greatest character development in the entire series? Or is she a Canon Sue with a bland personality and an unfair amount of story importance compared to the rest of the cast? Also, is she one of the most useful party members in the game with some help from Magikarp Power, or is she a subpar mage in a party with two other mages readily available?
    • Terry is also one. Some people find him to be a compelling, Badass character with some of the best lines in the game, while others find him to be an obnoxious Jerkass with no redeeming qualities. Combat-wise he's either a versatile fighter who functions like having a second hero in battle, or an absolutely worthless character who adds nothing to the team that others can't do better? The fact that both these characters are popular for Shipping doesn't help matters.
  • Complete Monster: Mortamor, unlike the other Dragon Quest villains, doesn't just want to destroy/conquer the world. No, he wants to completely and utterly destroy the very concept of hope. To this end, he effectively turns his own world, which he rules, into a giant concentration camp where his subjects are routinely abused, manipulated, tortured, and slaughtered like animals. Those few who manage to resist his soul-crushing ways are instead shipped off to a special prison where they are starved, tortured, and ultimately executed hundreds at a time. One sample act to show how he goes about destroying the spirits of people is manipulating a town to kill each other over a treasure chest he planted in an elderly woman's house. Possibly the worst part is that Mortamor wasn't satisfied even after the slaughter. No, instead, he rewinds time to right before the massacre and starts the whole thing over again. The people of Greedmore, until the party's intervention, have been unknowingly trapped in an endless cycle of deceit, death, and rebirth, all because Mortamor loves watching his subjects suffer.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Dhuran appears to be the most popular member of the Dread Fiends by quite a bit. Being a Noble Demon and not bad looking certainly help.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Besides the canon couple of Hero/Ashlynn, there are quite a few fanfics featuring Hero/Milly, Hero/Tania and Ashlynn/Terry. Hero/Terry and Terry/Lizzie also have some popularity.
    • Carver and Nevan tend to get left out in shipping, but are occasionally paired with whoever is left over. Amos is lucky to even appear.
  • Game Breaker: The vocation system allows the creation of unbelievably broken characters, since you keep all the spells and abilities learned from that vocation. Your Gladiator with five tons of HP doesn't need much MP, only enough to be able to cast Fullheal (from the Priest vocation) every once in a while.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Carver, Amos and Dhuran have all proved to be big hits with the gay community.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mortamor proves just how depraved he is by manipulating a town full of innocent people into slaughtering each other over a single chest just for kicks. And then time reverses itself and it happens over and over again...
    • An empty chest, no less. Nobody ever figures it out until the player gets sneaky and opens the chest themselves while the townspeople are all distracted.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: the hilariously over-the-top trumpets-and-drums Fanfare that happens whenever you hit the jackpot in the casino.
  • Player Punch: When loyal guard Rusty is sent to his death over vouching for your identity early on... because he was right, but you didn't remember enough to convince others of that. Especially later, after you regain your memories and get treated to Flashbacks making it clear just how close you were.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Because it's only alluded to a few times, you can actually get pretty far into the game without realizing that something's going on between the main character and Barbara/Ashlynn.
    • Party Chat in the remake helps, but only slightly. Ashlynn does have a few small talk lines that one would expect a potential girlfriend to have. What doesn't help is that it's only one-way.
  • That One Attack: Thin Air is absolutely devastating to unprepared parties. The wave enemies have a tidal wave attack that hurts like a mother though it fails a lot, but tend to cast it simultaneously...
  • That One Boss: The real Murdaw, part 2. His attack was actually reduced in the remake, although he's still a pain.
    • Jamirus. He's lightning fast, he has devastating attack power, and he can attack twice per round. Your two caster characters can both be minced at the same time in a single round.
    • The "hard" version of Demon at Arms. Attacks twice per turn, has devastating spell power, and can easily deplete your defenses. The way to get the easy version of this boss (attacks once per turn, has less spell power, and the hero has a hard hitting spell at his disposal) requires you to talk to the other Hero, which the game doesn't tell you.
  • Woolseyism: A lot of names have been changed, but compared to the English translation of Dragon Quest V or Dragon Quest IX, the punny names and silly accents aren't as heavy. There are a few head-scratchers, though, such as Barbara (a perfectly acceptable English name) becoming Ashlynn.
    • It may be because Barbara is a "perfectly acceptable English name"; see Tina/Terra. The keeping of "Terry" might've been because of Dragon Quest Monsters.

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