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Funny: Dragon Quest VI
  • Many Party Chat lines:
    • Milly notes that people often raise their voices when near loud places like waterfalls, Carver...
    • Anything Carver says, really.
      • On living in houses: "Martial artists are so intense, we live in tents!"
      • On the use of Ra's mirror to defeat Murdaw: "I can think of a lot of uses for that mirror. We can blind him, or hit him over the head, or, uh... See, two uses!"
      • On nightmares: He had one where his head turned into an apple pie.
      • On Tania's charms being enough to stop any monster in its tracks: "Her feminine charms? What, like her earrings?"
      • On hearing a particularly lame joke: "Hardy har! ... Wait, I don't get it."
      • On hearing one that's even worse ("There's none more fun than a nun with a pun!"), he breaks down into hysterical laughter.
      • On passing a checkpoint: "More territories to tame, more monsters to massacre!"
      • On hearing an old man saying tough guys don't last long in Felonia: "Whoa! I better watch out, I'm the toughest guy around!"
      • On reading a sign that reads "Without brains, there can be no brawn": "What's that say? I can't read it over my muscles."
      • NPC: "The eggnote  shall hatch! It bears a new era!" Carver: "Huh. I didn't realize eras hatched from eggs."
      • "I don't know squat about keeping Yggdrasil healthy. I mean, I can barely pronounce the word. Iggydrazzle? Iggdrowsy? Ah, close enough."
  • Nevan has many Covert Pervert moments, which he immediately covers up by saying he's going to pray. Given that "I pray for" is his standard answer to just about everything, one can't help but wonder...
  • During the attack on Weaver's Peak, one farmer has this particularly inspired battle cry: "I'm gonna cut through you like a row of turnips!"
    • And afterwards, when a villager thanks the Goddess that their looms are safe and sound...
  • Most of the monster's names are atrociously hilarious puns. A cloud enemy called hell niņo, batatouilles, gustblusters, low djinks, stinkerbells, bad karmor, ghastropods...
  • One of the first NPCs you have to rescue is hanging for dear life above a precipice. If you're feeling sociopathic, keep saying no to hear him say "That's not my hand! It's a tree root! Grab my hand! My hand!" and "I said my hand, not my hat! It's not bolted to my head, you clod! Grab my hand!".
  • Your majesty, you're... you're a woman.
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