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Western Animation: Yvon of the Yukon
De-frosted for you and for me!

Exploring new worlds he dreamed was his fame
But reading a map was not his forte
So poor Yvon was soon cast away!
Yvon of the Yukon!
Sailing the stormy seas!
Yvon of the Yukon!
No one could hear his pleas!"

A Canadian animated series created by voice actors Ian James Corlett and Terry Klassen and animation studios Studio B Productions and Dong Woo Animation. Airing between 1999 and 2005, the series focuses upon the misadventures of a hapless, smelly French explorer with a creepy devotion towards King Louis who spent some three hundred years frozen in a block of ice in far north Canada. Since getting accidentally de-frosted in the modern day, he now tries to conquer the Yukon town of Upper Mukluk in the name of "King Louie". The show ran for three seasons, won several awards, and can perhaps serve as an example of quintessentially Canadian animated programming.

Has an official website.

Yvon of the Yukon contains the following tropes:

Young JusticeWestern AnimationZack And Quack
You Can't Do That on TelevisionCanadian Series    

alternative title(s): Yvon Of The Yukon
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