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Western Animation / Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown

Left to right: Mayor Croco, Matilda and Skippy.

Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown is an animated children's series created by Yoram Gross of Blinky Bill fame. It is set around a fictionalised Australian town. It differs from the other Skippy series as it is animated and features anthropomorphic animal characters. Skippy, for example, is a kangaroo who wears a baseball cap (and is also male this time).

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, voiced by Keith Scott, is a young park ranger (possibly early 20s) who resides in Bushtown. He always happens to get in the way of Mayor Croco; his greedy wife, Suka; his pack of goons, and his frequent get-rich schemes which often endanger the town.


Alternative Title(s): Skippy Adventures In Bushtown