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In the beginning, there were DC Comics heroes, and it was good. Then there were the Super Friends and similar shows, and the public was exposed to some of their favorite heroes in animation for the first time. In The '90s we were introduced to them all over again with the DC Animated Universe. Now we have the next era of animated excitement for Batman, Superman, and company, going Direct-to-Video — though the consistently high production values make them akin to Original Video Animation in the anime field instead of what "direct-to-video" usually implies in the West.

Most of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies have the advantage of having independent continuities, allowing the creative team of each to experiment with new voice actors, art styles, and so forth. This approach has been criticized, particularly if a certain portrayal of a character is popular with viewers, only for it never to be seen again. Considering most of the films are based upon standalone graphic novels and miniseries like DC: The New Frontier and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - which themselves often existed in independent continuities - this is perhaps unavoidable. However, starting with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, most of the films do take place after each other.

Another notable aspect of the films is many of them are Darker and Edgier than the television cartoons. PG-13 ratings for violence are common (several have come close to being rated R before edits) and sensuality is ramped up as well.

DC has also produced DC Showcase, a companion series of shorts featuring often lesser-known characters such as The Spectre, Green Arrow, and Jonah Hex, as well as some better-known characters like Catwoman. The shorts are usually included as bonus items on the DVD and Blu-ray releases.

The DC Universe Animated Original Movies are:

The DC Showcase Shorts are:

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