Webcomic / Persona 4TW

Looks like the protagonist learned something.

Persona 4TW is a webcomic originally published on The Duck by J.C. Scott, aka Strain42. It is a sequel to Persona 3 FTW based upon the game Persona 4. The comic follows the day-by-day progression of events of the game, running from April 11, 2011 to March 21, 2012. Following Persona 4TW was Persona Won, based on Persona, and Persona 2 Win, based on Persona 2.

On February 11, 2013, J.C. Scott began posting issues for Persona 4TW Add-On, the joint sequel to Persona 3 FTW and 4TW based on Persona 4: Arena. After the conclusion of Add-On, Scott also released Gold'n Persona 4TW, based on Persona 4 Golden, which ran from October 21, 2013 to June 6, 2014. On March 12, 2016, Scott began republishing the comic on his new site here.

Persona 4TW provides examples of: