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Web Video: Zinnia Jones
I mean, here you are, at a rally for the expressed purpose of denying your fellow citizens their equal rights, and all of a sudden these people show up. And they're just standing there, in front of you. And they actually have the nerve to disagree with you. Who could have seen that coming? I can only imagine the deep and enduring anguish of being confronted by people who don't share your "views".

A social/political commentary Internet show, written and hosted by the titular Zinnia Jones and distributed through her YouTube channel. Zinnia usually speaks about issues that connect to religion, politics and homophobia, but one of those three is enough and sometimes entirely different issues pop up as well.

Zinnia Jones identified as a gay man when she began the show, but since at least 2011 has identified as a gay woman and is on the path to matching her sex and gender through HRT.

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alternative title(s): Zinnia Jones
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