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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
The Ninja will become a Hero with Bad Publicity
It only stands to reason, as most of the robots and monsters that attack the school was sent specifically to kill Randy. He's not really protecting the other students, he's protecting himself against threats that wouldn't be there in the first place if it wasn't for him. Hannibal Mc Fist probably owns a newspaper, maybe even a tv station, so it's only a matter of time before he pulls a J. Jonah Jameson and starts a smear campaign against the Ninja. The big, ironic payoff is that it's Mc Fist who keeps sending those monsters against him.
  • I don't think so. It's already confirmed the Ninja is well liked among Norrisville.

Mc Fist killed his stepson's birth father
Bash's mother only married his Dad for money and, when she decided to off him, she got McFist's help. Bash suspects something and that's why he call his stepdad by surname in such an arrogant way rather than showing any sort of respect.

Mc Fist lost his right arm because of a previous ninja
Randy obviously wasn't the first Ninja to mess up at the beginning. Maybe one who started back when he was a student did that.
  • Probably Mac Antfee who was the ninja of 1985 since McFist was a student back in 1985
    • It's implied in "McOne Armed and Dangerous" he actually lost it to a conveyor belt.

Randy will meet Dipper and Mabel Pines.
Wouldn't that be an interesting crossover?

The school band instructor was a previous Ninja.
Who said the Ninja has to be a guy? Plus, she did react positively when Randy mentioned the Nomicon in front of her.
  • I'd indicate that she was a past ninja back in '96 or something ... probably somewhere in the 90s seemed better.

Stevens has Brittle Bones Disease.
After all, he did have a medical condition that wouldn't allow him to participate in the rope-climbing exercise.

This story is canon.
It would explain why the Nomicon seems to portray Mac Antfee negatively.

It's implied that Randy is the center on a Love Triangle
After watching Der Monster Klub and Grave Puncher: The Movie, there could be a love triangle between Randy, Theresa, and Heidi.
  • Played With in Shloomp! There It Is!. When the Nomicon traps Randy and Howard's minds in it to learn a lesson, it puts a different conscious in Randy's mind. It ends up flirting with Heidi, causing Theresa to become Stanked. Once back in his body, Randy (as the Ninja) presents flowers and an apology from his alter-ego, restoring things to normal.

The Sorcerer can only Stank inanimate objects, not living beings.
If the thing a person holds most dear is another person, he or she is immune to the Stank. This means Even the Sorcerer Has Standards.
  • I wouldn't put it past him to stank living objects. It's just it's very rare for someone to hold a person that dear. He is capable of stanking abstract things, such as dance moves and your relationship so insofar it's not impossible for him.
  • I thought the teacher (Tawni) was Stanked!Dickie's object in "Stanked to the Future".
    • No, Randy thought the memory of Tawni transferred the thing Dickie held most dear. The transfer was what cured him.
  • He can Stank robots for as long as the robots have emotions. Let's hope he never Stanks the robot monkeys.

Julian, Juggo, Theresa, and Accordian Dave were close friends with Randy and Howard when they were younger.
Or at least it was implied during the montage in Der Monster Klub.

Howard was supposed to be the ninja
If you haven't noticed, all the confirmed past ninja's have red hair.
  • The First Ninja has dirty blonde hair though...
  • Somewhat Jossed in the "The Ninja Supremacy" as the Nomicon said somewhere along the lines of the ninja being the pure of heart and brave beyond reason

McFist and Mac Antfee were once friends like Randy and Howard, but they fell apart because Mac Anfee NNS'd on McFist one too many times.
Let's face it. Mac Antfee was the ninja of '85, McFist was the founding father of the Stache Society of '85 and was also a student in Norrisville High back in '85. Seems to me that Mac Antfee and McFist were once best friends like Randy and Howard ... but their friendship fell apart when Mac NNS'd on McFist one too many times which caused McFist to slowly hate the ninja like he did today. Technically, McFist didn't start hating the ninja because the Sorcerer offered him a reward if he did destroy the ninja, he had always hated the ninja since his friendship with Mac Antfee fell apart.

The Sorceror is a cultist of Nurgle who gained his corrupting powers as a gift from said god.
  • He is a sickly green (the color most associated with Nurgle) and looks like a rotting corpse. He can corrupt people in despair, the emotion that feeds Nurgle, and said corruption results in gross and horrible physical mutations.

McFist has been embezzling money from McFist Industries
  • Since the company actually belongs to his brother, who doesn't seem to care much about business, it was too much of a temptation.

Terry's father set limits on how he can use the inheritance
  • Rather than just selling McFist Industries or signing over the company to his brother with a document that doesn't need to be yearly renewed and can be terminated whenever Terry desires, Terry can only sign over yearly. That's probably some clause their father added to his will out of fear Terry would destroy the McFist legacy.

McFist was a past ninja
  • He lost his arm during a battle and his parents made up some cover story he himself started believing after he lost his memories of being the Ninja. The sorcerer knows this but Pragmatic Villainy tells he gains nothing from destroying a former enemy who doesn't even remember being his enemy and he enjoys the Irony. Once the sorcerer is free, something will make McFist remember and then he'll help Randy.

Something happened to the First Ninja's squire
  • Despite what the Nomicon says about friends, we discover the First Ninja had a squire and friend, Plop Plop (who was a counterpart to Howard.) Something may have happened to him and it devastated the First Ninja so much that he recommended the solo path to spare others the pain of losing a friend. Considering he lost his fellow clanbrothers, Plop Plop was all he had left.

Howard Weinerman is the reason people started naming boys "Howard"
  • In the past, Plop Plop said Howard was a girl name and, after how Howard helped the two Ninjas to defeat the Sorcerer, would name his daughters "Howard". However, he never had a daughter so he named a son Howard and spreaded the word about the heroic boy who "previously" had that "girly" name.

Principal Slimovitz will lose his job
  • It'll be his punishment for using school funds to fix his car and/or for ignoring the two students deserting the group during a field trip in favor of keeping an eye on the tattletale who reported them to him.

Hannibal McFist's father knew what kind of person Hannibal would grow up to be
  • He believed Terry was no businessman and yet he didn't name Hannibal as his heir.

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