Fanfic Recs: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

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Authors and Websites

General Fics

Unprepared by Sorida
  • Recommended by CMR Rosa
  • Synopsis: Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Nothing, not even the Nomicon, could prepare him for this moment. Sometimes, being the Ninja was too much of a burden to bare. Darkfic! Feedback please?
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  • Randy Cunningham: Secrets behind the Nomicon by Man of cartoons
    • Recommended by CMR Rosa
    • Synopsis: Since the beginning of the Norrisville ninja, each one had dedicated their lives to protecting Norrisville. But there's been an ancient propehecy that tells of a great evil and a battle that will determine the fate of the world. How will Randy react to the prophecy? What is going on with the Nomicon and why is a Japanese girl helping Randy?
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  • Crossover Fics
    Stories which crossover with other characters or works.

    Knowledge is Responsibility by Tansyflower
    • Recommended by Tropers/Kaiser
    • Crossover with: Danny Phantom
    • Synopsis: Danny and his schoolmates have been sent to Norrisville High School until further notice. Although surviving his surroundings with new friends and foes isn't hard, Danny accidentally loses a sacred book that belongs to the town's Ninja, starting events that'll bring back his worst nightmares. Now he and the Ninja most work together to stop the oncoming storm of horror.
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  • Rockin' With the Ninja by Yui13
    • Recommended by CMR Rosa
    • Crossover with: Groj Band
    • Synopsis: Norrisville High is hosting the annual 9th Grade Christmas dance and Grojband had been invited to play. What will happen when the band finds out that Randy is the Ninja and how will Corey react when he sees that Randy has eyes for Laney? Rated T for cussing and slight sexual content (really just heated kissing scenes) in later chapters.
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