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Heartwarming: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
"Thanks Sandy."

Who says a show about a ninja can't have Sweet Dreams Fuel?
  • In Silent Punch, Deadly Punch, Randy forgives Howards for keeping the secret about his dad now working for McFist.
  • In Stank'd to the Future, Dickie and Tawny are reunited with each other since the former disappeared since '85.
    • Especially since Randy didn't have to destroy something as usual. He simply transferred the thing held most dear.
  • Randy destroying the Ninja Suit to save Howard in Evil Spirit Week. His good deed doesn't go unrewarded.
    • Not to mention that earlier, after he found out that the enemy was linked to the ninja suit, he actually BEAT HIMSELF up to try to help his friend. For some people, it's painful to see him do that.
  • The Ship Tease between Randy and Theresa in Der Monster Klub.
  • In Grave Puncher: the Movie!, Randy takes full blame for sneaking out to the movies so Heidi wouldn't get grounded for letting him and Howard do so.
  • Randy gets 30 Seconds to Math to perform with the school rap group in Hip Hopocalypse Now.
  • after the events of Swampy Seconds Randy swore to use the ninja mask for emergency only for howard to meet the principal and was going to get in trouble till randy as the ninja appear to help and got him out of trouble.
    • Also funny as Howard grumbled a bit (Probably still remembers the events of Detention Island.)
  • In the Mc Satchle episode, Harold throws away his well paid job to help Randy.
    • This is the first time the Ninjanomicon actually shows support for Randy's friendship with Howard.
  • McFreaks: It was actually kinda nice to see McFist and Viceroy getting along and bonding in those pics.
    • Howard and Randy interacting with the McFreaks was actually kinda sweet.
  • Howard shouting "It's a gift!" is this since you can tell that he waas trouble about always breaking things, epecially when he inadvertedly help create a near impossible McFist robot
  • In the episode, Shloomp, There it is!, Theresa is left heartbroken when "Randy"note ,ignores her and flirts with Heidi Wienerman. She gets stanked by the Sorceror, and attacks Heidi. How does Randy destank her? By giving her a bouquet of flowers and apologizing. Hearing him stammer and stutter, trying to say he's sorry. And the smile on Theresa's face when she's gets the flowers....Daaaawwwww!
  • During "On the Poolfront", it's revealed that just knowing that the Ninja is alive and out there fighting to protect them is enough to inspire hope in people and prevent them from giving into despair that the Sorcerer can exploit.
  • Bucky being comforted by several students after Randy finally lets him know how much he hates his jingle near the end of "Everybody Ninj-along". This is quickly followed by him being praised by the both the the Ninja and his classmates when said annoying song saves the day. Made all the more sweet when you remember that he's usually the object of ridicule most of the time.
  • In "Let the Wonk One In", after being annoyed by Rachel's cuteness, Randy is saved from the Hallowenja suit by Rachel. As a thank-you, Randy gives her a happy hug-o-ween and a hug.
  • Howard's reaction to Randy's supposed death in "The Curse of Mudfart" is touching. He wants to avenge Randy's death, and when he sees that Randy is alive, he gives him a hug.
  • Any time we see McFist with his wife. Even Evil Has Loved Ones.
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