Villainous Breakdown: Music

  • Happens twice near the end of the original studio recording of Starlight Express:
    • Electra has a very musical one in "No Comeback" before he exits.
    • Control screams, "ENGINES MUST OBEY CONTROL! ENGINES MUST OBEY CONTROL! DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!", only to be rebuffed by all the trains and carriages with a "SHUT IT!" in unison.
  • The entire basis of We Build Then We Break by The Fray is this.
  • "Almost Human" by Voltaire is one for Satan. He turns out to be so pathetic you have to feel sorry for him.
    I'm nearly human,
    pity me, I'm almost a human being.
    Don't touch me, oh,
    I couldn't bear the thought of it..