* ''Music/{{Gorillaz}}'': Driven by greed and desperation, psychotic bassist Murdoc slowly became more unhinged with the Plastic Beach arc. He rants and raves aimlessly in his radio broadcasts and seems to be [[SanitySlippage loosing his grasp on reality,]] and he no longer bothers to hide his criminal activity and blatant abuse of his [[VitriolicBestBuds "friend"]] 2D. The 'villain' term might be a little iffy, as Murdoc's still more of a NominalHero than anything, but he's definitely got some decay going.
* The sadistic autocrat in Music/JudasPriest's "Tyrant", who starts out as a ranting megalomaniac and becomes more barbaric as the song rolls along, until in the final verse he senselessly [[BadBoss has]] ''[[BadBoss all his own soldiers]]'' [[BadBoss executed]]. Made all the more effective, of course, by Rob Halford's lunatic screams.
* Happens twice near the end of the original studio recording of ''Theatre/StarlightExpress'':
** Electra has a very musical one in "No Comeback" before he exits.
** Control screams, [[spoiler:"ENGINES MUST OBEY CONTROL! ENGINES MUST OBEY CONTROL! DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!", only to be rebuffed by all the trains and carriages with a "SHUT IT!" in unison.]]
* The entire basis of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfEGz4S1Uro "We Build Then We Break"]] by Music/TheFray is this.
* "Almost Human" by {{Music/Voltaire}} is one for {{Satan}}. He turns out to be so pathetic you have to feel sorry for him.
-->''I'm nearly human,''\\
''pity me, I'm almost a human being.''\\
''Don't touch me, oh,''\\
''I couldn't bear the thought of it..''