Video Game / The Club

The Club is a Third-Person Shooter game designed by Bizarre Creations and published by Sega. The main premise resembles the movies The Running Man, Gamer and Hard Target - you have to reach the exit or stay alive for a given time while having to battle waves of Mooks and Scoring Points for chaining kills into combos (the higher combo meter goes, the less time you have to kill the next enemy).

Each of the eight playable "contestants" has a different background and statistics, consisting of his Strength (misleadingly named, as it mostly describes his ability to withstand being shot at), Speed and Stamina (how long can he sprint). The game takes place in different locales - steel mill, prison, old cruise ship stranded on rocks, English manor, American slum, Russian underground bunker, supposedly Balkan war zone and Venice.

The game provides examples of:

  • Giant Mook - Bruisers; they're armed with miniguns and can take a few dozen rounds before dying.
  • He Knows Too Much - the reason Renwick and Kuro ended up as "contestants".
  • Mooks - The club apparently has an entire army of eastern European hooligans and mercenaries for contestants to mow through.
  • Nintendo Hard - Finishing the game is simple enough, but actually achieving a qualifying score (even to get 2nd or 3rd place) requires insane reflexes. Getting a gold bullet in every level almost requires you to be the product of late 20th century genetic engineering.
  • Russian Roulette: Seager's bio mentioned him trying this among other exteme stunts. Apparently it didn't provide him with enough of a thrill.
  • Scenery Gorn: Many of the levels feature impressive detail. Unfortunately, the game rarely slows down enough for the player to really take any notice.
  • Secret Identity - how Killen managed to dodge the Club for quite some time.
  • Scary Black Man - Adjo.
  • Scoring Points - each kill is worth points, less for standard Mooks, more for the special ones like minigun-lugging brutes and "bonus opponents" whose job is run as fast and try not to get shot by the player.
  • Shield-Bearing Mook - Mercs in riot gear with a huge metal tower shield; they can really cockblock your killstreak and break your combo since they can only be killed when shooting, and don't shoot that often.
  • The Atoner - Adjo.
  • The Great Politics Mess-Up - Dragov's intro is set in front of a Soviet flag... in 2008.
  • The Infiltration - Kuro's plan to get inside the Club.
  • The Group - the titular Club. They're filthy rich, evil and secretive.
  • Timed Mission - Time Attack and Challenge game modes.
    • The whole game itself is more or less a giant Timed Mission. If the player takes too long to get kills they won't earn enough points to beat the level. The only time the player stays relatively still is during the seige missions where they have to defend a small area.
  • We Are Everywhere - The Secretary brags that the Club is powerful and invincible, with connections in high places. This is shown in Kuro's ending, where the detectives he tries to inform to are actually Club members.