Video Game: Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast (AKA G-Sonic in Japan) is a 1996 Game Gear Sonic the Hedgehog game, and the second-last game Sega released for that system, preceding The Lost World: Jurassic Park. (As usual, it was also converted to the Sega Master System for the Brazilian market.) Being released late in the console's lifespan, the game experiments with pre-rendered graphics Donkey Kong Country style, with a limited success given the reduced horsepower behind the system. The title allows the player to pick from Knuckles, with his signature gliding and climbing, or Sonic, who can double jump. An oddity of the game is the amount of rings one loses from a hit varies from 10 to 30 depending on the source of damage, as well as Eggman only taking damage of he gets hit on the windshield of his Eggmobile.

The game can be found on Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and as an unlockable demo on Sonic Gems Collection.

Not to be confused with Sonic 3D Blast (Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island) (although the two were marketed alongside each other). Nor Sonic Robo Blast 2. Nor Sonic Blast Man. Nor the NES hack Sonic 3D Blast 5.