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Video Game: Deadstorm Pirates
Deadstorm Pirates is a pirate-themed lightgun game from Namco. You play two pirates named Eric and Leah, part of a crew that is looking for a treasure known as Poseidon's Breath. To do so, they must brave supernatural enemies who guard the island where the treasure lies. Luckily for said crew, Eric and Leah have the rare weapons, the golden guns, and are more than ready to take on all comers.

The game hit the arcades in 2009 and was ported to PlayStation 3 using the Move controls as a bonus game to Razing Storm, along with Time Crisis 4, and as a stand-alone title on the PlayStation Network. An Updated Re-release labeled "Deadstorm Pirates: Special Edition" was released to arcades in 2014 that adds two new levels and expands the ending. Many have likened it to Sega's Let's Go Jungle!.

This game provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Deadstorm Pirates
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