Tropers / The Firebottle

A trap and a linguist, B.S., M.A.. Currently attempting to become a Cool Teacher.

Wielder of the Banhammer in #tropers.

Friend of and bad influence on Sunshine Duk.

Is an example of: Must Have Caffeine, Cloud Cuckoolander, and Saying Sound Effects Out Loud. Not a Morning Person, either.

Stuff I Launched or Contributed To

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Stuff I Made

The Wellspring Empire is theFirebottle's very own Space Opera 'verse, which is made of Grey and Gray Morality, Earn Your Happy Ending, Loads and Loads of Characters, Doing It for the Art (especially with regards to linguistics and anthropology), and sits in the middle of the Mohs Scale of Sci-Fi Hardness.

The Silker Family Saga is another Bottle project, this one more along the lines of an Eastern RPG fantasy. Like The Wellspring Empire, the Silker Saga is jammed with Earn Your Happy Ending — as well as Fetish Fuel, for those inclined.