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Trivia: The Real Ghostbusters
  • Actor Allusion:
    • In "Victor the Happy Ghost," Peter refers to The Bob Newhart Show as his favorite TV show. Lorenzo Music co-created the series.
    • In "Jailbusters," the ghostly judge is voiced by James Avery.
    • The episode "Ghostbuster of the Year" (an episode long Citizen Kane reference) seems to have been produced solely to showcase Maurice LaMarche's impersonation of Orson Welles.
    • In "A Fright at the Opera", before the Diva selects Peter as her bodyguard, she states "I hate Mondays". Lorenzo Music's (Peter's voice actor) most famous role, Garfield, also has a distaste for that particular day.
    • Venkman has to learn the meaning of Christmas in the first holiday episode. You could say he was Scrooged.
  • Executive Meddling: Despite its runaway success, ABC and the focus group Q5 decided they needed to "fix" the show. And not just once. Janine was changed to be more feminine and meek, and received round glasses because her pointy ones could scare children. More changes were forced upon the writing staff starting with Season 3. Recurring child characters were added. More focus was placed on Slimer, who spun off into his own (doomed) cartoon in Season 4. The whole team ended up taking on fixed roles: Egon was "The Brain", Ray was "The Hands", Peter was "The Mouth" and Winston was "The Driver". This was enough to make J. Michael Straczynski, the head writer at the time, leave his position after Season 3 (though he wrote some later scripts for the show as a free-lance writer).
    • The only reason the Egon/Janine relationship was never allowed to go anywhere? Harold Ramis hated the idea, and since the actors had creative control over their characters, it was vetoed. This is why it was totally dropped in Ghostbusters 2 for a Janine/Louis relationship.
    • Q5 had also wanted Straczynski and the other writers to ditch Ray, as they felt he was a pointless character. However, this was one change that was quickly and successfully vetoed.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: (Quoth X-Entertainment: "If you're new to the show, it'll take awhile for you to stop expecting lasagna jokes [from Peter, who is voiced by Lorenzo Music in the early half of the show's run].")
    • It becomes Hilarious in Hindsight, because in 2004, a live-action Garfield movie would be released. In that film, Garfield is voiced by Bill Murray, who played Peter Venkman in the Ghostbusters movie.
      • Because Bill Murray complained to the producers that his character "sounds like Garfield", they replaced him with Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier).
    • Kath Soucie played the post-Chickification Janine. It was one of her earliest roles.
    • The original Janine was voiced by Laura Summer, who would reuse the voice for Patamon.
    • Maurice LaMarche played Egon (and sounds exactly like The Brain would years later).
      • According to The Other Wiki, initially they wanted Maurice not to do a Harold Ramis impression, but as an impressionist, Maurice felt he couldn't properly play Egon without following Ramis' example (he won the part anyway with it). He also tried a "Woody Allen" approach, but it didn't fit Egon's personality.
    • Frank Welker pulled double-duty as Ray and Slimer.
    • The Slimer! shorts featured Cree Summer as Chilly Cooper, an ice cream truck driver who befriends Slimer.
    • Crowley from "The Halloween Door" was voiced by Michael Rye, better known as Duke Igthorn.
    • In "Ghostworld" Mrs. Spengler was voiced by Rose Marie, better known as Sally Rogers. An earlier appearance near the end of an episode had Maurice LaMarche voice her for the last few seconds when she sent the guys out on a call.
  • The Other Darrin: After the syndicated episodes, Dave Coulier replaced Lorenzo Music as Peter and Kath Soucie replaced Laura Summer as Janine. A season later, Arsenio Hall left for his talk show and was replaced by Buster Jones.
    • In the second season, whenever the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appeared, Frank Welker handled any vocal effects. In Season 3's "Sticky Business," John Stocker took over the role. Later in Season 5's "Partners in Slime," Welker again voiced the character for a brief cameo.
  • Promoted Fanboy: A number of people involved at the start of production were fans of the movie. Maurice LaMarche is one such example.
  • Take That: Dr. Basingame, a charlatan spiritualist first appearing in "The Spirit of Aunt Lois", wore a safari jacket and camera around his neck in that episode - an awful lot like the wardrobe of Jake Kong from Filmations Ghostbusters. This was deliberate; Word of God said Basingame was a deliberate swipe against the rival show.
  • Talking to Himself: Frank Welker (Ray, Slimer, sometimes also voices ghosts — he's a Man of a Thousand Voices) and Maurice LaMarche (Egon, and the Umpire in "Night Game").
  • What Could Have Been: Filmation was in talks to animate this series. If they had, at the very least, their show never would've happened.
    • Ernie Hudson (Winston in the movies) auditioned for his own character.
    • In light of falling ratings after the Slimer Re Tool, producers asked JMS to return as head writer for Season 6. JMS had other projects at the time, though he agreed to write a few episodes (chief among them "Janine, You've Changed").

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