Trivia: The Mighty Ducks


The Animated Series

The Film Series

  • The Danza: Marguerite Moreau playing Connie Moreau.
  • Defictionalization: The NHL franchise. Though when they ditched the uniforms from D2 and the "Mighty" part, they became a respectable franchise and even won the Stanley Cup.
    • Amusingly, given the theme of the movies, the cup-winning Ducks team was known for being relentlessly physical. They led the league in fighting majors that season.
  • Deleted Scenes: At least two in the first sequel. The first took place after Team USA follows Bombay on the golf cart roller blading. Portman and Fulton begin to bond, Coach Bombay and Ms. Mc Kay get to know each other, and the scene ends with Fulton, Guy, and Jesse crashing the golf cart. The second involved the team members who didn't go to Rodeo Drive getting into a brawl with the Iceland team while hanging out at the beach.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Charlie is played by Pacey, and Gordon is Charlie Sheen's brother.
    • More importantly, Charlie is a young Peter Bishop. Walter should show up any time...
    • And who can forget Kenan?
    • Tommy Duncan would also later be in All That.
    • Three of the Ducks would appear in Heavyweights between installments.
    • Michelle McKay is Detective Alex Eames.
    • Luiz Mendoza is Benny Rodriguez, pairing him with Sandlot teammate Kenny DeNunez, who is Jesse Hall in Ducks gear.
    • A far more obscure one, but Carsten Norgaard, the Iceland coach from D2, was a minor celebrity in Ireland for years afterward due to being the star of a long-running ad campaign for Statoil.
    • Ted Orion is Jake Manning and Larry Moss.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Emilio Estevez agreed to reprise his role in the third film in exchange for a directorial job he had been angling for.