Funny / The Mighty Ducks

The Films


  • The sheer joy of the judge and D.A. Gordon humiliated earlier when he comes to court on DUI charges.
    Judge Weathers: To think I almost stayed home this morning.
  • The kids mistaking Gordon for a drug dealer when they first meet him.
    "This is a drug-free neighborhood!"
  • Gordon's first practice with the team:
    Averman: Just so you know, we really suck.
    Gordon: Hey, I'll decide who sucks around here.
    (cut to the all the kids tripping over each other during the face off)
    Gordon: (shaking his head) They really suck.
  • Gordon persuading his boss to sponsor the team
    "Come on! We'll get you your own jersey!"
    * Ducksworth suddenly looks up*
  • The team protests being called "The Ducks:"
    Guy Germaine: They don't even have teeth!
    Gordon Bombay: Neither do hockey players.
  • This gem:
    Bombay: Karp, how many fingers am I holding up?
    Peter: He wouldn't know that anyway.
    Bombay: Shut up!
  • Quite an unintentional one that borders on Fridge Logic, but at one point, Bombay's former coach, who serves as his antagonist of sorts in the first film, berates him for pulling a fast one on him, ending it with telling him that he wasn't even a has-been; he was a never-was. Words that mean a lot coming from someone who's been coaching pee-wee for 30 years and aimed at a high-powered attorney.
    • Well, check out the dramatic newspaper headlines about the hockey matches. Pee-Wee is Serious Business in this setting.
    • To be fair, it's not like coaching pee wee hockey was his full time job. Who knows what Gordon's former coach could have been doing in his day-to-day life.
  • "Yes sir, Mr. Ducksworth! Thank you very much, Mr. Ducksworth! QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK, MR. DUCKSWORTH!"
  • After a Duck goal, McGill skates by and knocks over Tammy Duncan, which Fulton doesn't like:
    Fulton: I'm on coach. (gets off the bench and goes over to McGill)
    Announcer: (describing what's happening) ...He grabs McGill from behind...and throws him over the boards into the bench! Now he wants to pick a fight with the entire Hawks team. Fulton Reed has to be restrained by the referee.
    Referee: Game misconduct. You're out of here son (escorts him off the ice past the Ducks bench)
    Fulton: I'm off coach.
    Gordon: He barely touched him!


  • Gordon making Mr. Tibbles hand over his whistle.
    You can have it back at the end of the school term.
  • Russ Tyler heckling the Ducks is amazing.
    "Hey, Goldberg! I bet if that puck was a CHEESEBURGER, you'd stop it! Ha ha ha!"

The Animated Series

The First Face Off Pt. 1

  • While Nosedive is waiting for the others to get back from the mission to blow up Dragaunus' base. And decides to take matters into his own hands.
    Nosedive: Woohoo! Alright, Nosedive tower; here goes nothin'! (hits a random button, and the windshield wipers turn on, then makes buzzer noise) Wrong!
  • Klegghorn reading a headline about the Ducks foiling a bank heist, followed by the headline "Cop Angered By Headline" with a black and white photo of him scowling. Cut to Klegghorn making the exact same face.
  • Grin, trying to be all mystical and Obi-Wan-like while his hand is now sore.
    Grin: Pain is an illusion. An illusion that really, really, hurts.

A Traitor Among Us

  • Just about anytime Nosedive and Duke butt-heads over... Well... Anything is funny.

Take Me to Your Leader

  • Phil of all people trying to replace Wildwing on the team. The guys decide to give him a "crash-course" in the game of hockey.
    • And then replacing Wildwing with Guy Hebert in a duck costume, just as the former comes back. The Reveal makes the team do a complete 180 from "WTF Phil" to fannish squee.

Zap Attack

  • When Tania calls her human friend Dr. Huggarman, and gets his answering machine.
    "You have reached the Huggarman hotline; today's answer is... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

Phil in the Blank

  • Poor Nosedive, after a nasty fall:
    Nosedive: Mommy, I don't wanna go to preschool.
  • Near the end of the episode:
    Phil: (Phil's phone rings and he answers) Hello?
    Wraith: Roast Duck.
    Phil: That doesn't work anymore.
    Wraith: I know; I'm... Ordering take-out.
    Phil: Oh great! In that case, give me the Mushu Pork; nah nah nah; give me the Mushu vegetable. I'm tryin' to lose a few pounds here.

Jurassic Puck

  • Duke, trying to fight with the Triceratops in a duel.
    • The really sad part? He actually thinks he's winning.

Duck Hard

  • I love Chameleon's reaction to the hologram of Siege; it's hilarious!
    Chameleon: Siege old buddy! We thought the ducks got you! (goes to hug him, but his arms only pass through air) Siege, you're a gggga you're a ggga GHOOOOOOST!!!"
    Siege: You nit wit; it's a hologram.

Power Play

  • Tai Quack Do's Ambiguously Jewish outbursts.
    "Oy; this kid's (Young Grim) as sharp as a sack of doorknobs! Meshugga; there ain't no sound! How can there be a game with only one team?! You gotta have two; two goalies, two centers, also refs, and the guy who hawks the popcorn."