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Trivia for the Continuity Reboot, TOME:

Listed Trivia:

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Martin Billany was born in Knutsford, which is where Nylocke's player resides.
    • Asterob's, hat glasses, and his tendency to use mannerisms portraying him as an apologetic brit have been said by Niosi to be a reference to the actor who plays him.
    • Ravenfreak's voice actor is... well, a voice actor (Lucien Dodge to be precise).
    • In episode 4, Rockoon, in exasperation after having been constantly misidentified as a rodent, exclaims "Do I look like a lab rat?" His voice actor, Deven Mack Jr., played the character of Lab Rat in Grossology.
      • In addition, while taunting Nylocke's dramatic tone, Mack performs a voice similar to the one he uses to perform DotDotDot, complete with kinetic typography.
    • Apparently Michele Knotz is just as goofy and lighthearted as Kindarspirit when she's out of character.
  • Actor-Shared Background: The characters in TTA and TOME are all based on users from, the now defunct, TV Tome forums to an extent.
  • Casting Gag: In episode 2, a character who is identified primarily as the sister of another character is introduced. She is the sister of none other than (the Real Life) Kirbopher, Alison Fanelli - also known as Ellen from The Adventures of Pete & Pete.
  • The Cast Showoff: Ravenfreak is a voice actor in-show, which provides an in-story reason for Lucien Dodge to perform a very impressive imitation of Swift's "Alpha" voice.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Unlike most of the rest of the cast, Jafari is not a voice actor by trade, though he was chosen because of the fake Noo Yawk accent he sometimes puts on in JonTron videos.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Auctioned on Ebay. These are sold to fans to promote the show in some of the episodes, The winners send Niosi their own character designs which he TOME-ifies into something that fits the show. They then get inserted into certain scenes to appear near some of the recurring characters. A couple cameos even have brief speaking lines.
  • The Danza: Like his creator, the character Kirbopher's username is Kirbopher, and his real name is (probably) Christopher.
  • Fake American: Blake Swift is from Lancashire, England, but plays the American Alpha. However, his accent is very convincing.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Mack gets to write his own dialogue for Rockoon. He even got to write a whole short starring Rockoon, titled Rockoon's Modern Strife.
  • I Knew It!: It turns out that Kirbopher and Zetto are controlled by the same player. This was a popular fan theory (just check out the WMG page for proof) which was finally confirmed in the season one finale.
  • It Was His Sled: Kirb being Zetto quickly became this after it was confirmed. You can't even go through a Youtube comment on the reuploads without finding it somewhere.
  • Missing Episode: The Season Finale, "The Warring Demons", and the final short, "Plan Z", are not planned to be hosted on Newgrounds, the show's original home.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Anna Kingsley, Flamegirl's voice actress, wasn't confident that her singing was strong enough to do the end credits song "Starlight Speedway" justice, and referred Niosi to her friend Leila Judeh who could match her Flamegirl voice for the song. Kingsley herself described Judeh as sounding "just like me but with a better singing voice".
  • Real-Life Relative: Chris Niosi and Alison Fanelli (who voices Splat) are brother and sister.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Most of the cast in TOME have also appeared in Dust: An Elysian Tail, the result of that game's casting and voice director, Deven Mack, also assisting with the casting and direction of TOME.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Averted, surprisingly enough. Even though the cast is filled with a roster of incredibly talented and versatile voice actors, each of them plays only one character. Or rather, one player - characters who are controlled by the same player share their voice actor. This was one of the earliest hints that Zetto and Kirbopher were one and the same - both were voiced by Chris Niosi. Zetto and SOFDTI were also credited as having been played by other actors than the ones who played Kirbopher and Gamecrazed respectively, before their respective reveals.
    • This promotional video. for Kirbopher's panel, premiering a new TOME episode at Kamicon, starts with Yami Yugi, introducing Kirbopher, and failing at pronouncing Kirbopher's name correctly. Then Nylocke drops in to try to help! Hilarity ensues.
  • Throw It In!: Nylocke interrupting his monologue about the Gemini Tournament in "Awaken the Beast" to confirm with GC that it involves pairs was actually Billany checking his line with Niosi as he was running through it, staying in character - Niosi enjoyed his reading so much that he put it into the finished episode.
  • What Could Have Been: Though Nylocke was always intended to be English in the remake (the original was American, though an Occidental Otaku), Niosi had originally considered Casey Mongillo (an American, who was instead chosen for Gamecrazed) and Blake Swift (who presumably would have spoken with his natural English accent instead of the Fake American he uses as Alpha) for the part. Martin Billany was considered for a part, but it was Thorment, which eventually went to Creator/Harry Partridge]].
    • Jessi Nowack, who played Hyprelynx, was the first runner-up for the role of Flamegirl, and apparently only narrowly lost the part to Anna Kingsley.
  • TOME Season 2 was going to be a movie at some point, which would have began with the events of Episode 00 and led into the major events of season 2, included a mysterious new character who appatantly would have taken up Neomutant's role, and cut out the challenge of the Netkings. Chris Niosi decided not to go with the movie idea because it would have been too much of a balence between wrapping up TOME's story for viewers of season 1 and trying to appeal to new viewers who hadn't seen TOME and were only watching the movie, in addition to the fact that he wanted to include the Challenge of the Entkings and go with the story idea he had in mind since the beginning.
  • Write Who You Know: Most of the characters in TTA and TOME are originally based on members of the TVTome forums. Kirbopher 15 and Zetto are both based on (different aspects of) Niosi himself, Alpha is based on his best friend Mike Luckas (Ultimate Creature II), and Ruri and Flamegirl were based on their respective girlfriends at the time.
  • Word of God confirms Odboll wasn't hired by Kizuna until after Episode 11 when she found out about his hacking skills.

Trivia for the original TVTome Adventures:

  • Missing Episode: Newgrounds viewers would never see The Movie (leading to confusion when the season 3 finale references it) or the Anime Openings.
  • Promoted Fanboy: There was at one point a call for fans of the series to submit avatars for use as "extras". Most of the Netkings also seem to be Fanboys or Fangirls.
  • What Could Have Been: There was supposed to be a season 4 of TTA, but it has been unceremoniously canceled because Niosi had a lot less time to work on the series. A good portion of the fanbase was definitely not pleased with this outcome. And it's a shame, considering the material prepared would've been grand in scale and epic as hell.