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Trivia: TNA
  • Creator Backlash: Jerry Jarrett absolutely HATES what the promotion he once part-owned turned into.
  • Fan Community Nickname: In the same way that Cheff Jeff Hardy fans are called the Creatures of the Night, D'Angelo Dinero calls his fans the Congregation.
  • No Export for You and Screwed by the Network: Averted. In the UK, TNA aired on a channel called Bravo. It was taken over by Sky, who closed it down. As Sky already airs WWE, it was assumed that TNA would be dropped, but Sky put it on game show channel Challenge instead, which at the same time got launched on Freeview to replace Channel One, thereby increasing TNA's audience instead of removing it!
    • But inverted in the U.S. TNA's B-Show, Xplosion, isn't aired anywhere on U.S. TV, and is only shows in foreign markets. It is pretty easy to find online, however.
  • Recycled Script: An angle features a frustrated Ken Anderson joining a stable where Bully Ray is either field general or outright leader. It starts off great for him but eventually he hits a couple snags and Bully Ray begins to question and antagonize him. Inevitably the tension leads to him being betrayed and forcibly kicked out of the group, with Bully directing traffic. Finally, after a short time away, Ken comes back primed for vengeance and whoops him some Bully ass. This occurred with both Immortal in 2011 and Aces & Eights in 2013…the latter resulting in the end of the stable at the hands of Anderson.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: A few, recently.
    • Rashad Cameron's "Mr 360" is a repurposed version of Jerrelle Clark's "Mr 630".
    • Taeler Hendrix's theme is an instrumental version of Jenna Morasca's theme.
    • Mason Andrews uses an instrumental remix of Jeff Hardy's "Modest".
    • Taken Up to Eleven with "Sacrifice". It was originally used as the theme of the first PPV of the same name, and is repeatedly used as a stock theme. It has been used for, most recently, Gunner, Murphy and Alex Silva.
  • Role Ending Misdemeanor: TNA released Angelina Love in September 2009 after she found herself facing deportation due to not having a legal work visa. Eventually, everything was resolved.
  • What Could Have Been: Shortly before his death, Curt Hennig was planned to defeat Jeff Jarrett for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    • The return of the Main Event Mafia was cancelled when Kevin Nash, and Booker T instead made a deal with WWE to return there, forcing TNA to change who "they" where just before the reveal.
  • Word of God: Is it the show or the entire company that's been rebranded to "IMPACT WRESTLING"? According to Dixie Carter, it's just the show.
  • Write Who You Know/Reality Subtext: A rather unfortunate example. Most of these tropes are villainous, and based on Dixie Carter's current heel character as of late 2013-early 2014. Yet they seem to have been true about her in real life for a long time now.

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