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Trivia: Splash
  • Bowdlerization: On the UK's Cinemagic channel, the store clerk's line, "My daughter's lucky. She's anorexic," was edited to remove "She's anorexic."
  • The Red Stapler: "Madison" as a first name was virtually unheard-of when this movie came out. It's now the fourth-most popular girls' name in America.
  • Star-Making Role: For Daryl Hannah
    • For Tom Hanks as well. He was not unknown, but this was the first sign that he could not only make the transition from television, but outright headline a movie.
  • What Could Have Been: The scene where a TV show makes Madison upset and Allen explains the TV show is fictional and didn't really happen was originally going to be part of a Brick Joke where Madison later watches a real life plane crash on the news and laughs.

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