Headscratchers / Splash

  • When Madison must go back to the ocean, she tells Allen that he can go with her, but he will never be able to return to land. It is never explained why, perhaps it may have to do with the sea hag subplot. Still, he was reluctant at first but accepts readily after saving her from government frogmen. It's somewhat a Bittersweet Ending; the bitter part is Allen will never see his brother, friends, or even Kornbluth again. The sweet part is being with Madison always. So, the question is, why couldn't he return?
  • It's explained in the sequel, as Madison reveals that she was just kidding and that it's actually perfectly okay for them to go back to land, so it's possible it was a test question, how much would a human be willing to give up for his aquatic lover? Once Madison realized Allen was really going to stay with her, it was safe to tell him the truth.
  • How could Allen breathe underwater? Was it the kiss?
    • Seems like it. YMMV, but Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides seems to contain several Shout Outs to Splash, such as mermaids turning human when dry, and back to mermaid when wet. It is explained in the movie that a mermaid's kiss prevents drowning. It is implied to be the same in Splash.
      • The same thing happens in Hook, when Peter falls into the sea and mermaids rescue him and prevent him from drowning via kisses. Is it possible this is connected to mermaid folk stories?
  • Why is Ross, who orders Madison's dissection is so keen on this when he could go down in history as the one who, (After an unfortunate misunderstanding,) established contact with a new race? Anything gained on the operating table is utterly crushed by the gravy-train of talk-show appearances, Nobel prizes, new history books and other awards piled on top of him.
    • Maybe Ross is a sick sadist who just wants to vivisect a person and then hide under the excuse that she was not human.
  • If Allen's wallet, money and credit cards were in Cape Cod, how'd he get back to New York?
  • If the sea hag subplot still applies (even if it was cut and we don't see it), that seems to be the reason why Madison grows legs on land. If that was the case, how did she have them when she saved Allen on the beach?
    • The sea hag doesn't give Madison legs. She just explains the rules to her (that she has to wet her legs every night, and that she must be back after a certain number of days.) The latter seems to be more of a mer-society rule as it seems if Madison isn't back by then, she'll be banished. The former seems biological. If Madison doesn't wet her legs every night, she'll probably be human forever. Either way, it seems the merpeople can turn human when they want.
  • How does the hotel porter know to get Madison a cab for the mall if, at that point, she can't speak?
    • She sees an ad for Bloomingdales on Allen's TV and repeats that word to him.
  • Why wasn't Kornbluth detained for longer after being stopped by secret service for apparently smuggling a gun into a presidential banquet inside a cast? Sure, they would have discovered it was a squirt gun pretty quickly, but he was still acting suspiciously and shouting. It definitely would have looked like an assassination attempt— but in the next scenes, he's free and menacing Allen and Madison again.