Trivia: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Trivia Tropes for the Comic

  • Recursive Adaptation: The late 90s/early 2000s Sabrina animated series (and its versions of the cast, etc.) was adapted back into the comics, in the context of being flashback stories to Sabrina's junior high years.

Trivia Tropes for the Television Series

  • Actor Allusion: When Tim, played by George Wendt of Cheers fame, walks into Hilda's coffee shop in a later episode, everyone raises their mugs and greets him, "Tim!".
    • Aunt Irma is played by Barbara Eden, who also played in another supernatural sitcom. Her magical gesture in both? Crossing her arms.
    • Robin Ricker plays Cousin Marigold, the mother of a bratty witch daughter. Around the same time she also starred in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Witch", where she also played the mother of a witch daughter or so we think as the episode goes on. Buffy even says during the episode "she's our Sabrina".
  • Casting Gag: Sabrina's cousin Amanda is played by Emily Hart, Melissa's sister, who'd later voice Sabrina in the animated series.
  • Channel Hop: Moved from ABC to The WB.
  • Dawson Casting: Pretty much the whole "teenage" cast but notably Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) (b. 1976), Jenna Leigh Green (Libby), (b. 1974) and Lindsay Sloane (Valerie) (b. 1977).
  • Directed by Cast Member: Melissa Joan Hart directed nine episodes, while Beth Broderick did three.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Martin Mull as Mr. Kraft.
    • Yes, that is Penn of Penn & Teller fame playing Drell. And Teller turns up too.
    • Sabrina went to college with Punky Brewster!
    • Donald Faison played a fellow witch and romantic rival for Harvey in a couple episodes.
    • MST3K alum Frank Conniff wrote for the show early on and played a few small roles, most notably the grown version of Rudy Kazootie in the episode of the same name.
    • Paul Feig as Mr. Pool, the science teacher.
    • And Sabrina's been Clarissa, Mel, Becky Detweiler, and a lot more.
    • Carter Greyson's a chef now?!
    • Norm from Cheers is Sabrina's boss in season 6.
    • Jeannie is Sabrina's great-great aunt.
    • Ted is Josh, Sabrina's other recurring love interest.
    • Robby Benson is Sabrina's dad, which leads us to...
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Benson just had to do The Beast's voice when he showed up.
  • One of Us: Melissa Joan Hart is a huge WWE fan. Which would probably explain why prominent guest stars included Billy Gunn, Chyna and Kevin Nash - the latter appearing in a Big Lipped Alligator Moment
  • The Other Darrin: Similarly to M*A*S*H, very few actors carried over from the original Pilot Movie to the series proper. Other than Melissa Joan Hart, only Michelle Beaudoin, who played Marni in the movie and Sabrina's (first) best friend, Jenny, in the series, appeared in both of them. Hilda, Zelda, Harvey, and the voice of Salem were all re-cast. Libby does not appear in the pilot; a character named Katie fills a similar role. There's also a character named Seth in the movie who acts as Wrong Guy First; he has no analogue in the series, as Sabrina is hot for Harvey (which is more or less requited) from the outset.
    • A more conventional example, during the show's run: the two actors who played Sabrina's father not only looked totally different but the replacement was visibly years older.
    • Cousin Marigold is another example, first played by Robin Ricker and later Hallie Todd.
  • Real-Life Relative: Recurring character Amanda (Sabrina's evil cousin) was played by Melissa's little sister, Emily Hart. Who, as noted above, ended up playing Sabrina herself in the cartoon.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A lot of fans who went back to watch the episodes on YouTube were surprised to see Angela Petrelli playing Libby's domineering mother. Also, David Sinclair is the Quizmaster.
    • Also, who knew Captain Cragen was a dog show judge in a former life?