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Trivia: Revolutionary Girl Utena

In General:

  • Utena was aired on television in 1997, and Central Park Media began releasing the series on VHS in 1999. One year later marked the first DVD releases. When CPM was liquidated, the license was on the fence until 2011, when Nozomi Entertainment rescued and rereleased it.

Specific Tropes:

  • Actor Allusion: Anthy's rabbit song in episode 7. The Japanese word for "rabbit" is "usagi," which was also the name of the main character in Sailor Moon, voiced by Juri's actress.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Movie is sometimes called "The End of Utena" after that other infamous Mind Screw.
    • Shiori was referred to as "the goat" by her haters on older fansites.
    • Akio's '57 Corvette is known simply as the Akio Car.
      • Fans on Nico Nico Douga sometimes call it the "Yaranai-Car". If you don't get it, you're better off not asking.
    • The tower where Akio resides: The Cocktower.
    • The player character from the Utena Sega Saturn game: Mary Sue, or more affectionately, D-ko.
    • Saionji seems to be refered to as "Wakame" by Japanese fans. It's probably the hair.
    • In some circles, the manga version has the not-exactly-flattering nickname of "Utena Lite".
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: TAJ Productions helped in the dubbing process, so many Central Park Media mainstays/later 4Kids Entertainment voices pop up here.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It started out this way, with literal tapes back before the show was licensed. Then when it was picked up, it turned out that Central Park Media had only bought the rights to the first 13 episodes, so fans continued doing this for the remaining episodes until the rest of the series was finally picked up years later. When CPM went out of business in 2009, the show fell into legal limbo, and fan distribution became the only way to see it outside Japan again; eventually, the Anime Network started airing the series online. Right Stuf rereleased both the series and the movie in 2011.
  • No Export for You: Zigzagged with the show and movie, as explained above under Keep Circulating the Tapes. Played straight with the Sega Saturn game and the light novels, although fan translations do exist for those to one degree or another.
  • Shrug of God: Director Ikuhara is infamously unhelpful — and sometimes deliberately infuriating — when it comes to explaining things about the show and even more so regarding the movie. Don't expect much in the way of straight Word of God.
  • What Could Have Been: The re-release booklet features art of a scrapped ending sequence that heavily featured Chu-Chu.
    • This also applies to Dub Name Change. The English dub featured the original Japanese names, but Enoki Films (the American license holder) did prepare a list of English names, with the title of the show changed to "Ursula's Kiss". Utena became Ursula, Anthy to Angie, Juri to Julie, etc. However, these names did end up being used in the Latin American dub (titled "The Magic Ring").
    • The re-release booklet also shows that Utena was originally going to keep the blonde hair she initially had in the manga, although her uniform color scheme went through many different ideas before they settled on the black and red. At one point, her hair was also considered to be blue, although the pink hair also showed up with other uniform color choices. Anthy also retained her white Rose Bride dress at an early point in development, before Ikuhara decided to change it to red.
    • The same booklet features an early design for Touga that had him depicted with short blond hair, while Saionji would wear glasses and have short green hair.
    • Revolutionary Girl Utena is the result of a What Could Have Been for the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. Kunihiko Ikuhara would have made the latter's Schoolgirl Lesbians as the primary characters, and some of his original ideas for the movie would eventually be repurposed for the Utena television series.
    • Crossed with Real Life Writes the Plot, on the DVD commentary Ikuhara reveals that during the series inception it was a toss up between swords and guns for the duel scenes. They opted for the former in part because American gun crimes were being reported on Japanese news.
    • Utena and Anthy would have been an unambiguous romantic couple in the series had Be-Papas member Chiho Saito not objected, resulting in an argument between her and Ikuhara. Thankfully, she later changed her mind and retracted any negative statements she may have had towards the pairing.

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