Fridge / Revolutionary Girl Utena

Fridge Brilliance
  • When she introduces Akio, Anthy mentions that she goes to visit her brother (secretly named Dios) on Sundays, drawing on an immediate but subtle allusion to theistic worship.... specifically that of a religion that believes in a human incarnation of God.
  • Due to their Bait and Switch tendencies, I never really paid much attention to the opening or closing credits — until the final arc of the show, when we discover that Akio used to be Dios... and is boinking his sister Anthy. Suddenly, the slightly-unsettling shot in the closing credits of Anthy wrapping herself around the Prince in a possessive and sexual way takes on a good deal more significance. Especially when you consider that they were foreshadowing this since the very first episode. — JadedLady
    • Another thing that the opening credits foreshadow is Anthy stabbing Utena. As well as the reason why. Towards the end of the opening, you have Utena turning and bringing her blade to her face. The person she turns to is Anthy, with the background turning red. What also begins to happen is the arena under their feet begins to crumble. Anthy sees Utena as a threat when she threatens her world view, and her position thereof. Utena becomes a danger when true change becomes a possibility, and not before. —KeeperofTales
    • At first I thought that Anthy having a lot of pets and taking care of animals was just a hilarious character quirk. But after seeing understanding her character, it took a sinister edge as enjoying the company of animals rather than the company of people... —P0W4H-L4D33
    • After watching The Movie with a friend and thus being able to bounce ideas off of him, a lot of the seemingly crack-induced symbolism suddenly started to make so much more sense. Just to give one example, look at the scene where the girls are scrubbing down the empty swimming pool. It seems like a completely random location, and Anthy even says something to the effect of "it's only normal to get wet at a pool" despite the fact that no one is swimming, but remember that this is one of the few places in the movie where Utena meets Touga. Think about it. If you had drowned while rescuing a young girl from the same fate, would you want to be near a large amount of water while more girls, including your ex, who has been suppressing the memory of watching you die, were nearby? For bonus points, the scene even cuts away with the image of water filling up the screen as a lone shoe floats upward... —Roses Spindle
  • At first I thought the Shadow Girls were just gag characters that helped with the Deconstruction of fairy tales with satiric sketches and their sarcastic introduction to the series. Then I saw episode 34, where they appear in person on-screen and have Utena watch a play that describes Akio and Anthy’s origin story and warns that the witch that sealed the prince and his light away from the world is still around to hunt down anyone who tries to bring it back, and realized they’re trying to protect Utena and the others from Akio’s plot but don’t have the power to outright defy him, with their more open attempt in episode 34 being prompted by how the endgame is near and Akio’s control over Anthy (and thus his power) is weakening.
    • This also explains why they don’t care in the slightest in the anticipation for the final episode: the second-to-last episode has just ended with Anthy putting a sword into Utena’s back, they have failed to protect Utena from Anthy and don’t know yet what is going to happen in the finale.
    • In the movie there's a whole studio of them, and they act more openly. With Akio being already dead, they have much less to fear from him.
  • Among all the Duelists, Juri is the only one who doesn’t want the Power of Dios nor believes into the miracles it would grant. She rejects it… And she’s the ‘‘only’’ character on whom it’s ineffective, even by proxy (her sword ‘‘barely’’ blocks the souped-up Sword of Dios when Utena borrows it for her second duel with Touga, but the moment the Sword of Dios is blocked Utena needs a single attack to win the duel).
    • In the movie wants to take the Power of Dios-and, for the only time in the entire franchise, she’s actually defeated by it.
  • In the movie, Anthy starts out as the Rose Bride but wears her hair down, and never wears her glasses. With Akio being dead and (literally) buried, she’s closer to be free.
  • In the movie Nanami only appears on a tape as a cow. Considering that Touga is Dead All Along, the only strange thing is that she ‘‘still’’ managed to get herself turned into a cow.
  • The Black Rose arc establishes that getting a sword pulled out of you isn't magically painless or anything. Anthy's stoicism during the Transformation Sequence is a good indicator of how emotionally null she is, not even reacting to the pain.
  • Utena fights left handed when fighting a south paw opponent. Namely, Ruka and Shiori.