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Trivia: Hatsune Miku Project Diva
  • No Export for You:
    • Finally ended with Miku Flick and Project DIVA F, both versions, although the PSP and 3DS games remain Japan-only. DIVA Arcade is available outside of Asia in select arcades (specifically, some of Round 1's U.S. branches).
    • Project DIVA f for the PS Vita was later localized as well. However, both english ports of Project DIVA F and Project Diva f are missing PoPiPo completely.
    • Just a day before Project Diva f 2nd was released in Japan, SEGA announced a physical release of the game in both North America and Europe. Unlike Project Diva f, Both the Japanese AND English versions are being released in parallel to each other, rather than staggered.
    • Now it's Japan's turn to be under this trope. Project mirai Remix for the 3DS will be only released in Asia and Western countries in 2015.
      • Also, A pre-order DLC pack for F 2nd and f 2nd in America and Europe is the Americana module, which is currently not included in any of the current japanese DLC packs for the same game!
  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: The music video for "The MMORPG Addict's Anthem" in Project Diva F takes place (and debuted) in Phantasy Star Online 2 and features Miku dressed as a FOnewearl. Project Diva F was released overseas in 2013, while PSO2's North American localization remains in Development Hell to this day.
    • The depressing thing being here that Phantasy Star Online 2 was known to have a english translation in 2012. SEGA apparently cancelled it due to the same cash shop issues that killed Phantasy Star Universe on XBOX 360.
  • Recursive Adaptation: The video for "Black★Rock Shooter" appears primarily inspired by the anime Black★Rock Shooter than the original PV itself (down to BRS's signature blue flame in her left eye and Black Rock Shooter's cameo), as well as the song being the version from the 2012 anime rather than the original. So it winds up being that Project DIVA F channeled the Black★Rock Shooter anime, which channeled the OVA, which channeled the original song.
  • What Could Have Been: The opening movies are all that remain of Project DIVA's planned story mode.

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