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Awesome: Hatsune Miku Project Diva
  • Miku's awesome driving skills in "Urbandonment" where she doesn't let a little thing like the end of the road slow her down.
  • All of "World's End Dance Hall", but especially the Chance Time bonus event wherein Miku and Luka exit the stage by standing atop flying dragons.
  • The climax of "Tengaku" wherein Rin is still shredding on her guitar and singing despite the fact that the entire room she's in is on fire and burning down around her.
  • Getting the Chance Time bonus in "Senbonzakura" in F treats the player with the only opportunity in the game to see all six Vocaloids dancing together.
    • In F 2nd though, all 6 are also dancing together from halfway through "Decorator", in a huge concert hall in SPAAAACE!
  • Project DIVA F getting announced for localisation at all is a moment of awesome in itself.
  • In Black Rock Shooter, there's Insane Black Rock Shooter's cameo, and there's Miku actually surviving a confrontation with her.
  • Just getting perfect on any song in project diva F on hard or extreme is no easy task, but doing so on every hard or extreme song, like this wonderful man, automatically merits itself as a CMOA due to the sheer amounts of practice, patience, and satisfaction involved.
  • What better way to build up hype for Project Diva F in Japan than to debut the music video for "The MMORPG Addict's Anthem" in Phantasy Star Online 2? Said music video also takes place in PSO2, with Miku dressed as a character in-game!
    • Even better, the cross-collaboration with Project Diva F means that one of the costumes in F and F 2nd is that same costume, and the entire stage area for PSO 2 is in Edit Mode for both games.
  • Around the same time as Project Diva F came out in English, people like this user have taken the new English voice bank that was released around the same time, and have made fully English versions of many of the songs without changing the tempo or melody, and with some of the songs, it is both a Crowning Moment Of Awesome and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when you can, finally, understand what she was really singing...
    • Only for SEGA to pre-empt every single fan-translator and announce full english lyrics for most of the Project Diva F 2nd songs.
  • The demo of Project Diva F 2nd, as well as having all the modules for the three songs it includes unlocked automatically, and the Help/Challenge items being free.
  • After the great sales of Project Diva F in English, people were expecting a future announcement of the English release of Project Diva F 2nd... for the announcement to come less than 24 hours before the game was to be released in Japan, and the release date to be only a few months away, and be, identical to the Japanese release, a simultaneous PS3 and Vita release.
    • A trailer released shortly after E3 2014 begins with the expected phonetic translations that Project Diva F was well known for. Less than a minute into the trailer, the subtitles change into near-perfect english, for SEGA to reveal that a new option allows for the original japanese subtitles, the standard "translation", or English subtitles.
      • These subtitles are made even more awesome by who worked on them. SEGA, Crypton and the composers of the original songs themselves. When F 2nd comes out in English, several classic Project Diva songs will have definitive translations for the world.
    • During the Project DIVA series' 5th anniversary talk show, a new Project mirai title for 3DS is actually being released exclusively to Asia and Western countries in 2015. It's now awesome that English-speakers can finally get the chance to sing-along with the chibis!
  • The first song in 'Project Diva F 2nd' is Melt, originally from 2nd with a completely different PV. The new PV is a three-dancer PV, with the epicness be that it's a PV that fans would do themselves if they could have... Hatsune Miku's original Vocaloid 2 design, her futuristic Append design AND Hatsune Miku's new Vocaloid 3 design all appearing in the same song, and the F 2nd costume unlocked being Hatsune Miku V3. Yes, Project Diva F 2nd BEGINS with a PV that shows, through the years, It's still Miku every time.
    • The Chance Time bonus event for Melt even warps away from the PV, where Miku is dancing in her new Vocaloid 3 redesign... to show Miku in her original Hatsune Miku design.
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