Funny: Hatsune Miku Project Diva

  • Randomizing the modules used for various songs can provide some hilarious results, most often if one of the guys is placed in a role meant for one of the girls and watching them execute the same dance moves.
    • Almost avoided in the Diva Rooms in F 2nd as Len and Kaito have "Affection Up" events different from the girls, but that doesn't stop them practicing a very feminine walk complete with Hartman Hips from time to time during normal room events.
  • Several of the Item Events in F and F 2nd:
    • The Paper Fan, used to punish a taiyaki thief.
    • The Silk Hat, wherein the user has a 1-in-7 chance of pulling the desired object (flowers) from the hat. All 6 "failure" scenarios and their reaction are hilarious as they include Hachune Miku, Larval Rin, Tako Luka, and more.
  • The end of Summer Idol, after Miku and Rin decide to be a couple after realizing that if one finds a date the other will be alone.
    Miku: There's no way that's happening, right?
    Rin: Yeah.
  • Rin and Len messing with each other in the video for "Remote Control" by, um, controlling each other with their remotes.
  • Most of "Rin-chan Now!" qualifies.
  • Several customization options, including Hachune Miku to put on a singer's back, and a large Mikudayo mask could easily turn anything into Narm.
    • Taken Up To Eleven in Project Diva F 2nd's birthday DLC, which is a entire Mikudayo COSTUME for Miku!
  • The Kagerou Days PV, which turns a song rife with hopelessness and Lyrical Dissonance into something pretty goofy.
  • If you watch the PV for Senbonzakura closely, you'll see a quick background event of Luka (dressed as a waitress) tripping and falling flat on her face, tray and all.
  • This can happen in the Diva rooms in F 2nd when a Vocaloid asks to change the furniture or their outfit and changes it to something that completely mismatches what wasn't changed.