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Trivia: GoodFellas
  • Adaptation Displacement: Partly because the movie's title was changed to avoid confusion with the TV series of the same name, a lot of people don't realize it's based on a book.
  • The Danza: Paul Cícero, played by Paul Sorvino.
  • Dawson Casting: Joe Pesci was 46 at the time of filming and plays Tommy starting his early twenties.
  • Enforced Method Acting/Improv: A number of scenes are partially ad-libbed with actors not told beforehand:
    • Specially relevant in the "I'm funny how?" one; Pesci and Liotta were instructed to improvise, other actors didn't know what was going to happen so their surprised-to-panicked reactions and puzzled faces are genuine. The scene mirrors what happened to Pesci in Real life; he told a mobster in a restaurant that he was funny and the mobster got angry. Scorsese implemented it once he learnt about it, as it wasn't in the book.
    • Scorsese also had all the actors involved in the kitchen scene (while Billy Batts was still in the trunk) simply improvise their dialogue for that sequence. The final scene with Spider was also ad-libbed, with the only scripted line being "Why don't you go fuck yourself?"
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Senator Clay Davis appears briefly as a doctor taking care of Henry's brother.
    • Jigsaw is Jimmy Conway's parole officer.
    • Billy's cousin Sean is Henry's brother
    • Rotti Largo is a mob boss? That explains so much!
    • The whole movie was something of a preparatory school for The Sopranos:
      • Christopher is shot by Tommy. Big Mistake on Tommy's part.
      • Dr. Melfi likes the Gangster lifestyle more than she admitted.
      • Tommy murders Phil Leotardo.
      • Paulie almost shoves a mailman into an oven.
      • Big Pussy works in the Copacabana moving fur coats and stuff around.
      • Larry Barese owns a restaurant and partners up with the mob.
      • Agent Frank Cubitoso and Don Carmine Lupertazzi are generic wiseguys who frequent the Copacabana.
    • Henry Hill eventually went down south and conquered Vice City.
  • Mean Character Nice Actor:
    • Joe Pesci had problems with the Spider scene because he couldn't understand the outrageous reaction of his own character.
    • Paul Sorvino almost walked out because he felt that he couldn't reach the cold personality of his role because he was the opposite kind of individual.

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