Nightmare Fuel: GoodFellas

  • Two words: Tommy DeVito.
    • Even worse: Scorsese had to tone down some of the things Tommy did in real life...
    • Tommy's execution is pretty horrifying, especially as he realizes whats about to happen a fraction of a second before a bullet blows off half his face.
  • The scene where we see what happens to these gangsters when they go to prison: they live like kings.
  • The scene where Jimmy starts thinking about whacking Morrie and all the other hired mooks. He just sits there smoking but then the music goes up and you know he's up to no good.
    • DeNiro's eyes in that scene. They just say, with such incredible subtlety, "Time to go on a killing spree."
  • The way Henry's father beats his son when he's a teenager is brutally realistic. It's early on in the film, and highly disturbing.