Awesome / GoodFellas

  • Although it's an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, the crew pulls off the Lufthansa heist, the high point of their careers.
  • Henry's Curb-Stomp Battle on the guy who groped Karen. It's arguably disproportionate (couldn't Henry have just threatened him?) but the guy is such a smug asshole that you find yourself wanting him to do it anyway.
    • The sheer sound of the gun hitting the guy's face, the sound of metal hitting bone repeatedly, along with the horrified reactions of the guy's friends retreating at the sight of it.
  • "I'm funny how?" - A scene that goes from Crowning Moment of Funny to deadly serious as Tommy, known for his anger issues, starts pressing Henry about a compliment seemingly gone wrong. After a minute of horrified silence, Henry figures out Tommy is only joking about being angry, and everyone starts laughing again... The most-remembered - and parodied - part of the entire movie.
  • Scorsese's level of Doing It for the Art, right down to actually playing Layla while shooting scenes for the montage so the music would perfectly match the shots in the exact manner he wanted.
    • The Steadicam shot of the Copacabana which is still one of the greatest scenes in movie history. All scored to "And Then He Kissed Me"
    • The montage on the day of Henry's arrest, the crazy disorientation, the sudden music shifts, is a perfect simulation of how out of control and drugged up Henry is.
  • Spider telling Tommy to go fuck himself after making one too many jokes about shooting his foot. Yes, he did end up getting shot by Tommy, but the kid gets credit for telling this to someone as ax crazy as Tommy. Only two characters in the film treat Tommy with as much respect as he truly deserves — Billy Batts, who reminds Tommy that he wasn't always a cool gangster, and Spider, who tells Tommy to go fuck himself after Tommy has behaved like a colossal asshole — and Tommy kills both of them, almost immediately.
  • Karen maintaining her cool after figuring out that Jimmy was planning to kill her. Gets extra points for figuring it out only by instinct and not being a gangster.