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Trivia: Full House
  • Actor Allusion: In part one of Season 6's finale, D.J. begins to see hallucinations of her boyfriend Steve in various Disney costumes. The first she sees is Steve as Aladdin, who was voiced by the same actor, Scott Weinger.
    • In one episode, Joey picks up a plush toy of baby Gonzo and does an imitation of him. Dave Coulier was a cast member of that series (though he didn't voice Gonzo, Russi Taylor did).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Hey, it's the host of America's Funniest Home Videos!
    • Except for a few early episodes, Danny's mom is played by Doris Roberts.
    • One of the Jennifers the most popular girls in Stephanie's grade school was played by Danielle Fishel better known as Topanga from Boy Meets World
    • The Olsen Twins, that is all.
    • Becky's cousin is Larry Appleton.
    • Mike Seaver from Growing Pains is D.J.'s cousin in one episode (Strangely enough he's also named Steve).
    • T.J. from Smart Guy (or maybe he's Tucker from Baby Daddy) is one of Michelle's friends.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Hey, it's Aladdin! (That's DJ's boyfriend Steve, by the way.)
  • Name's the Same: This show debuted one year after a certain other show about a family called the "Tanners".
  • Old Shame: Bob Saget would like to get the show behind him and concentrate on his stand up act, featuring jokes that would make Danny Tanner blush.
  • The Other Darrin: Danny and Jesse's mothers are played by different actresses in the first few episodes.
  • The Other Marty: John Posey played Danny in the original unaired pilot, which is available on DVD. At the time the original pilot was done, Saget was unavailable due to working as a "comic correspondent" on the CBS Morning Program.
  • Playing Against Type: Bob Saget, who was - and still is - an incredibly vulgar comedian with dirty language, played Danny Tanner. He stated in an interview that he played a cleaner role to earn money to support his family.
  • What Could Have Been: See The Other Marty above. Also, the producers thought about replacing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen after the first season because it was hard to work with infants. If that had happened they wouldn't be stars, and they managed to avert Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome
    • The show originally had plans for a ninth season on the then new WB Network. Candace Cameron who played DJ was going to go to college and would be making sporadic appearances. John Stamos didn't want to switch networks, decided the eighth season would be his last and the show ended up being cancelled.
  • After production ended, the next show to use Full House's studio lot was Friends.

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