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YMMV: Full House
  • Contractual Purity: How Bob Saget felt about his stint on this and his stint on America's Funniest Home Videos, both of which required him to act like a smiling, family-friendly milquetoast. He now claims, in his extremely profane standup act, "Those shows gave me Tourette's."
    • Hell, every actor on the show falls victim to this. Let's just be grateful Bob was one of the few who didn't turn to hard drugs to recover from being in the show (the other being Candace Cameron).
  • Creator's Pet: Michelle. Quite a few fans have noticed how it seems like she could get away with darn near anything and seldom face any consequences (and no discipline whatsoever from Danny).
    • This was Lampshaded in the Season 6 two-part finale, which had Michelle crowned as "the princess" at Walt Disney World. As a result, she tries to get everybody to follow her orders. The best part of the episode is Stephanie, who, throughout the episode, voices exactly what the audience has been saying since Season 3.
      • In season 8 just about every episode had Michelle heavily involved in the plot.
      • One particular instance of Michelle actually being punished stands out: in the ''Silence is Not Golden'' dealing with a classmate of Stephanie's being abused by his father (thus causing Stephanie to develop new respect for Danny), Michelle is punished for calling a pay-per-minute joke phone line. While technically this may seem to be an aversion of Michelle's punishment-immunity, it loses impact because it only serves to give Stephanie a target for her rant about valuing your parents, etc. once Michelle gets upset at Danny for punishing her.
      • One of Joey's CMOA's comes from actually punishing Michelle when she acts up in a class he's substituting in.
    • Michelle getting a larger role in the plot was in response to the character's popularity throughout the show's run (Merchandise featuring Michelle outsold all other show merchandise, for example). However, the writers took it way too far to the point that she ruled the show and all of the other characters with an iron fist, turning her into a Scrappy for the ages. By season 8, the show focused so much on her to the point where she was practically the main character; many sarcastically started to call the show "The Michelle Show" because of this. Today, she is universally hated by fans of the show.
    • Michelle becoming the Creator's Pet also lead in the shift of the show's tone to that of a kiddie show as opposed to a family-friendly sitcom.
    • Rebecca also has shades of this. Go ahead. Find one argument she is involved in where she comes off wrong. If you see her on-screen, she is likely going to be solving a problem that had nothing to do with her or winning an argument after another character (usually a man) is forced in to a Straw Man (usually out of character). We never really see her bad traits, and is portrayed as inexplicably perfect.
  • Ear Worm: Everywhere you look, everywhere is a heart...
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Rebecca was only supposed to be on the show for a few episodes, but she became popular and eventually married Jesse.
    • Also, Kimmy and Steve, the two best actors (and, coincidentally, least prone to Narm moments) on the series, were pretty popular as well.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In one episode Jesse jokingly pretends to bite Joey's puppet Mr. Woodchuck's face after it tells an Incredibly Lame Pun. A couple years after the show ended, Dave Coulier's dog chewed up the original Mr. Woodchuck puppet's face.
    • In "Slumber Party" Jesse takes Michelle to a store that made her look like a biker and tells Danny she'll be the hottest babe in school (and Michelle is four at this time). Back then, it might have been funny. But with the issues today that moment makes you want to mute your TV whenever comes on.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The episode where Stephanie made friends with a girl who was a smoker and is pressured into trying cigarettes became this when the actress who played Stephanie years later came out as a recovering meth addict.
    • The episode where D.J. stopped eating when you learn about Mary-Kate Olsen having similar problems.
    • The main plot of the Grand Finale involves Michelle falling off a horse, suffering a concussion and memory loss. On May 27, 1995 (four days after the episode aired); ChristopherReeve was paralyzed below the neck after a horseback riding accident.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Danny is shown videotaping Michelle quite frequently in the early seasons. America's Funniest Home Videos launched during season 3.
    • In "A Pox in Our House", Danny said Jesse's suit makes him look like he's spinning from a ceiling disco ball, which he does many seasons later in the grand opening of the Smash Club.
    • In one episode Jesse tries record The Beach Boys song forever as a rap song, and the chorus borrows from "The Streets of Cairo." Kesha would do this two decades later with "Take it Off."
    • In the sixth season there's a group of popular girls who are into fashion and all have the same name, that Stephanie tries to become friends with. A few years later on ABC we would get Recess, where there's a clique of girls with the same name Ashley that are into fashion and girly things.
    • In "Secret Admirer", Kimmy thought Jesse gave her the love letter, and she briefly liked the idea of being his wife. Seasons later, in one episode Jesse had a nightmare where he's become a wash-up has-been working at a mechanic shop and married to Kimmy.
    • In "We Got the Beat", Jesse's first band was with "Little Ed, Big Ed, and... Regular-Sized Ed."
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Candace Cameron was criticized for being too chubby and was pressured by the show to lose weight. Luckily, she didn't let it get to her, as she felt she didn't have a weight problem, and ended up losing a healthy amount of weight by the end of the show.
  • Ho Yay: Three guys living together raising kids in San Francisco... someone is bound to get ideas. Joey's and Jesse's boss in the advertising business, for one. Word of Saint Paul on the subject can be found here.
    • There's also slight Les Yay between Kimmy and DJ.
  • Hype Backlash: Michelle. Midway through the show's run she became the show's most popular character, with "Michelle" merchandise outselling all other show merchandise by a notable margin. This prompted the show's writers to give her a more prominent role in the series. However, they took it too far and she quickly became a Scrappy for the ages.
  • I Am Not Shazam: A lot of people refer to Dave Coulier's character as "Uncle Joey," even though no one on the show ever called him this, and he wasn't the girls' uncle in any case. It's also something of a Berserk Button for the shows fans.
  • Never Live It Down: The entire cast, sans the Olsen Twins (who have their collection of 90searly 2000s videos for that) has this show as their most notable pop cultural impact. Even though Bob Saget went on to narrate How I Met Your Mother, he and everyone else on the show have yet to top its success, individually or as a group.  
  • Retroactive Recognition: Topanga appears as one of Stephanie's classmates in a few episodes.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: An increasingly common criticism.
    • On an interesting note, any moment on a show that is overly sappy (even if the show itself is not normally) is called a "Full House Moment" outside of TV Tropes.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Michelle is one of the best examples of one. See "Creator's Pet" above.
    • Michelle's whiny posse of friends fit this trope perhaps even more than Michelle herself.
    • Despite her status as an Unintentionally Sympathetic character for some fans, a good majority find her completely obnoxious, unnecessarily rude, and insensitive in an un-funny way.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: While Kimmy herself is fairly popular (she was Promoted To Opening Titles after all), nearly everyone (save DJ) seem to only tolerate her. It's implied that not even her parents like her much.
    • Likewise none of her family seemed particularly fond of her boyfriend Steve (who was nothing but the quintessential nice-boy-next-door) but fans loved him (being the voice behind Aladdin helped).
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?:
    • John Stamos, who had gotten his start a few years earlier on General Hospital.
    • Bob Saget. People who has seen his stand-up routine would be shocked. His comedy style is rather vulgar. And, for those who only knew him for portraying Danny Tanner would also be shocked. Below is a few shocked comments from YouTube users.
      "I will never watch Full House the same again"
      "He... he actually knows those words?"
      "My childhood is ruined."
      • He did say "hell" in one episode.

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