Awesome: Full House

  • In one episode, D.J. and Stephanie's antics end with a hole punched through Danny's bedroom wall. They steal spackle from Jesse and Joey to fix it, but end up with a lumpy patch job. So the girls move all of Danny's furniture a few inches to the right to cover the patch, and lie to Danny's face when he gets home. And they don't ever get caught. For this show, that alone is EPIC.
    • Danny comes to tell them he realized something is off... someone moved the baking soda in his drawer.
  • Joey gets one when he does something that has seldom happened on the show...actually disciplining Michelle in a class where he was a substitute teacher.
  • In "Michelle Rides Again, part 1", Danny tells off the snobby mother of Michelle's friend. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    "Well, not this year, because Michelle Tanner is gonna kick your butt."
    • D.J. and Steve get back together at the end of part 2, after Michelle got her memory back.
  • In a flashback to when Danny and Joey meet in fifth grade, Danny is getting bullied when Joey steps in to defend him. Seeing Joey stick his neck out for a kid he didn't even know was pretty awesome. Danny helps him back when the bully tries to get Joey in trouble.
  • When Teddy and Denise are fighting over who is Michelle's best friend, they start trying to bribe her by offering to give her their possessions. Of course, Michelle eagerly takes advantage of it which results in Denise getting mad.
    Denise: All I have left is my Princess Jasmine pencil case.
    Michelle: That'll go great with my Abu eraser!
    Denise: Who said you could have it?
    Michelle: But don't you want to be my best friend?
    Denise: Not if you take all my stuff. If Teddy wants to give you all his stuff, Good. For. Him.
    • It was so great (and rare) to see somebody call Michelle out of her brattiness.
  • In one episode, Stephanie makes a new friend and Danny doesn't like her because she's more independent and calls her mother by her first name (do we have a trope for "overly-judgemental jerkass"?) Stephanie then tells him off for judging her new friend when he barely even knows her. Yes, it's completely ruined when we find out her friend is a smoker, but it was nice to see someone finally call Danny out for being so judgmental.
    • Er, I'm calling Values Dissonance on this one. Danny never explicitly says he doesn't like her, he's just concerned about Stephanie's well being. Being, y'know, a freaking adult, as well as, y'know, a freaking father, he has bit of experience with people, as well as some paternal intuition (no, mothers aren't the only ones with an ominous sixth sense). It's likely he detected something off about this new friend. And he was right.
    • Danny very rarely gets called out on being overly-judgemental about people that he barely even knows. The fact that Stephanie of all people told him off for judging her so harshly after only meeting her, for, y'know, five seconds, is great.
  • Joey sending Michelle to the Principal's office for acting up in class, repeatedly.