Trivia / Fantastic Four

The 1994 cartoon:

  • The Other Darrin: A coupleómost notably, Doctor Doom and the Human Torchóbut nowhere near as extreme as what Iron Man went through.
  • What Could Have Been: Plans for a third season included Sue's pregnancy (with She-Hulk or Medusa filling up the vacancy) and the return of the Sub-Mariner.
    • And probably we've seen the return of Puppet Master, and find out where he's been.

The comic book:

  • What Could Have Been: According to Stan Lee's initial plot, published in Fantastic Four #358, Sue was originally permanently invisible, and she'd be more or less an Invisible Streaker.
  • During Chris Claremont's run on the title, he had initially planned for Kitty Pryde to be a recurring cast member, serving as a live-in nanny for Franklin Richards (this took place shortly after Excalibur was cancelled). Then-editor of the X-Men franchise Bob Harras wanted Kitty back in the main X-Men team.