Trivia: Fantastic Four

The 1994 cartoon:

  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • The Other Darrin: A coupleómost notably, Doctor Doom and the Human Torchóbut nowhere near as extreme as what Iron Man went through.
    • Three people actually voiced Doctor Doom during the series' run.
  • What Could Have Been: Plans for a third season included Sue's pregnancy (with She-Hulk or Medusa filling up the vacancy) and the return of the Sub-Mariner.
    • And probably we've seen the return of Puppet Master, and find out where he's been.

The comic book:

  • What Could Have Been: According to Stan Lee's initial plot, published in Fantastic Four #358, Sue was originally permanently invisible, and she'd be more or less an Invisible Streaker.
  • During Chris Claremont's run on the title, he had initially planned for Kitty Pryde to be a recurring cast member, serving as a live-in nanny for Franklin Richards (this took place shortly after Excalibur was cancelled). Then-editor of the X-Men franchise Bob Harras wanted Kitty back in the main X-Men team.

The films:

  • Actor Allusion: More "actor input", actually: Julian McMahon, who plays Dr Doom, suggested that metal staples be used to help stitch the scar at the beginning of his transformation. This comes from McMahon's experience playing a cosmetic surgeon on Nip/Tuck.
  • Creator Backlash: Jessica Alba said she absolutely hated working on the Fantastic Four sequel, so much that it almost made her quit acting altogether.
    • Chris Evans wasn't so crazy about working on the film either.
  • Deleted Scene: The DVD Extended Edition, which includes all deleted scenes (such as Ben and Alicia's romance) is a much better watch than the theatrical release.
  • Doing It for the Art: One of Chiklis' requirements for accepting the role of the Thing was that his character would be make-up based, rather than the CGI everyone else had previously assumed. This meant that Chiklis insisted upon hours of application and wearing heavy, uncomfortable makeup, over the option that would have allowed him to earn the same money in significantly less time simply by voice acting. Why? Because Chiklis was a fan who knew that underneath the rock skin, Ben Grimm's still a human being, and this was best shown by having his actor go through the same thing.
  • Fake American: Welsh Ioan Gruffudd as Reed.
  • Franchise Killer: The Silver Surfer spinoff isn't going to happen.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Meaningful Release Date: It was originally supposed to be released on July 4, 2005, and early trailers played this up. However, its release date was shifted to four days later.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Michael Chiklis has been a comic book fan since he was a kid. Guess which one was his favorite.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Hey, is that Steve Rogers as Johnny Storm?
  • Technology Marches On: In the second movie Reed is shown using a very clunky looking ultraportable, a type of computer design that looked dated within a couple of years of the movie's release due to netbooks, smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks.
  • Throw It In: "Aw, look — she's kissing him."
    • It may have also been for the benefit of Alicia, who was standing right next to him,(she's blind).
  • What Could Have Been: The 2005 film was originally meant to be, in executive producer Chris Columbus' words, "the most epic sitcom ever made", and they were consciously trying to duplicate the formula that had resulted in the utter failure of Batman & Robin — Columbus' reasoning being that while Batman wasn't an appropriate franchise to attempt such a formula, The Fantastic Four was. After a few years in Development Hell, the arrival of Tim Story (who, ironically, was mostly known as a comedy director) and writer Mark Frost finally pushed the film in the right direction.
    • This feel is best seen in the hilarious breakfast scene and the montage that follows it. The whole thing plays out like an hilarious cross of Leave It to Beaver and The Addams Family.