Heartwarming / Fantastic Four

The Marvel Comic
  • From the old Marvel Knights: 4 series:
    • Reed comes across a jumper and instead of tritely getting him off the ledge, stretches up and has a conversation. The guy's wife left him, he's got terminal cancer, and his son died in a car crash. He's going to jump because he's got no one left. Reed gives him his personal number and tells him to call when his cancer gets to the worst; Reed will sit with him as he passes so he's not alone. Later in the series, Reed walks out of an Illuminati meeting to uphold his promise. It's a low-key rebuttal to some criticisms of Reed and his cold, hard logic, and it must be seen to be appreciated.
  • In Mark Millar's first story arc, Reed reunites with Alyssa, his former college girlfriend who's almost as smart as he is. After solving a crisis, Alyssa asks when Reed will admit "we married the wrong people," noting her husband is smart but has no real passion while Sue, Johnny and Ben just aren't as smart as Reed and asks why would he waste time with someone "you have to dumb down to talk to and their eyes glaze over when you talk of your passions." In other words, Alyssa is asking why Reed stays with Sue whens she's not his intellectual equal. Reed shuts Alyssa up with his simple, beautifully matter of fact reply:
    Reed: Because I love her. Or is that something you can't work out on a calculator?
  • The ending of the "Solve Everything" arc. Reed discovers that the difference between him and all the other members of the Council of Reeds is that they gave up friends and family in order to completely devote themselves to their work. Faced with a choice between his loved ones and the Council, Reed returns to Earth-616, erases his room of ideas and opens the door to find Sue waiting for him.
    • As this happens, there's a flashback to what Reed's father told him before leaving.
      Nathaniel Richards: But I want you to remember one last thing before I go. The world is ugly. It should not be, but it is. It will force you to do things you know you should not do — to compromise — simply because you feel like you have no other choice. This weakens us. It makes us men less that what we should be, and it will be even more difficult for you because you have an extra burden... because you have a gift that will affect many people. But this [a brain]... without this [a heart]... means nothing. It's a terrible thing for someone not to reach their full potential... I know. As I've grown older, I've realised that I do not have the character to be both good and great at the same time. But you do, Reed... and as such, all of my hopes and desires rest in you becoming what I am not. When you grow up, I expect more. Son... I expect better. I want you to be a better friend than I was. Be a better husband. Be a better father. Reed... be a better man.
  • From Johnny Storm's death:
    • After the death of the Human Torch, Spider-Man spots a depressed Franklin Richards sitting alone on the roof of the Baxter Building, before swinging over to talk to the boy & taking him to get hot dogs whilst telling him about his own Uncle who died.
    • In a follow-up issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Reed, Sue and Ben invited Peter Parker to the Baxter Building for a private memorial to Johnny. Reed played a portion of Johnny's recorded will to Peter, in which Johnny told Peter that he should take Johnny's place on the Fantastic Four's roster.
      • Presented in its textual beauty: If youíre hearing this, Iím sorry, pal. Sorry that Iím gone. ĎCause... well... I know how you feel when it comes to losing family. And thatís what you are to me. Family. So... if youíre thinking of this as my last will and all... Iím not leaving you my sports cars or stuff like that... Iím leaving you the best thing I ever had... My spot on this team. A place in this family. The best sister, two brothers, niece, and nephew a guy could ask for. Theyó We all love you, Pete. So? You up for it, bro? Weíre all here for you.
    • Spider-Man's reaction when he finds Johnny, alive in the Negative Zone.
      • The rest of the team's reactions when Johnny announces his return in a way only he would - by lighting up the sky above New York with a flaming 4. Reed's astonished, Sue's crying tears of joy, and Ben finally fights past the Despair Event Horizon he had been approaching since Johnny's death in the first place.
    • Hulk and Thor allowing Ben to work his frustrations out on them after Johnny's death. Especially with Hulk when one considers all the fights and confrontations these two have had over the years.
    • Later, when Ben was avoiding the rest of the team at Avengers' Mansion, Spider-Man was the one who managed to convince Ben to come back to his family.
    • Victor Von Doom turning up at Johnny's funeral. He doesn't bother the Richards family, he just turns up & pays his respects before leaving.
  • The end of one Christmas issue (#361, "Miracle on Yancy Street") sees Ben return home after being humiliated by the Yancy Street Gang, angrily ranting about what he'd like to do to them. He's immediately welcomed by the others, Reed offers him eggnog, Franklin hugs him, and Sue and Alicia both kiss him under the mistletoe. Though he does protest that "Yer all spoilin' a perfectly good bad mood," he's smiling and wishing everyone a merry Christmas by the next panel.
  • The now-famous scene from the first issue of the Mark Waid/Mike Wieringo run where Reed tells Valeria about his real reason for starting the Fantastic Four: He knew it was his fault that his teammates ended up with their powers, and that they would be doomed to live lives as freaks or lab specimens... unless he turned the table and made them beloved celebrities and heroes. So that was exactly what he set out to do.
  • The classic story "This Man, This Monster!" Reed is planning his first trip into the newly discovered Negative Zone and asks Ben to hold his safety line and pull him in. Unbeknowst to him, "Ben" is actually a jealous fellow scientist who plans to get rid of him. After spending some time with him, however, he begins to think Reed doesn't deserve his hatred. It climaxes when he ends up following Reed into the Zone.
    • Reed, knowing that the two of them will die when they hit the atmosphere of the anti-Earth, repeatedly tells "Ben" that he shouldn't have come and gives him an "It Has Been an Honor" speech.
    • "Ben" having thrown Reed back in the direction of the portal, spends the last few moments of his life pondering how lucky he is to have had a chance to make up for what he's done wrong and to see what friendship is like.
    • Ben comes into the lab just in time to see Reed grieving with Susan over his "death".
    Ben: The jaw-breaking, egg-headed square! He does have feelings after all!
    • He then gets hugged by both Reed and Susan.
    • Reed describing the imposter's Heroic Sacrifice by saying that "some of [Ben's] heroism reached out... and touched him."
  • Franklin's giddy excitement over meeting his future self.
    Kid!Franklin: I've always wanted a pet Galactus!
    Old!Franklin: Me too.
  • The Future Foundation kids decide that their first project will be giving Ben Grimm what he's always wanted - his normal body. And they do it, but with slight catch: Ben will only be normal for one week of a the year, he'll have to be the Thing for the rest of the time.
    • When Ben finally takes the formula, Johnny proceeds to give Ben the best week he's had in a long time, by taking him to do all of the things he's unable to do as the Thing, culminating in driving Ben to see Alicia.
  • Valeria encouraging Bentley to talk to his "dad". He responds to his dad's attempt at Break Them by Talking speech with a Groin Attack. Afterwards, there's Val holding Bentley's hand, leading to this:
    Val: You were awesome in there.
    Bentley: Thanks... I think I love you.
    Val: I'm three years old.
    Bentley: Don't ruin this for me.
    Val: Okay.
  • Showing that even villains can have a heartwarming moment, Spider-Man Family #4 includes a short comic where the Puppet Master is creating a Spider-Man doll to use in one of his evil schemes, when he meets a young boy named Louis, who tells Puppet Master about his deceased mother and how his most treasured possessions are the action figures she gave him before her death. Louis is then attacked by 3 bullies, (Expys of Ed, Edd n Eddy), who throw his action figures into the lake. Here's the heartwarming part - Puppet Master not only comforts Louis, telling him he knows how Louis feels (his own mother died when he was young and he was often picked on, causing him to turn to his puppets as "friends), he gives him the Spider-Man doll he was working on. I repeat - he abandons one of his evil plans to comfort a distraught boy. If that isn't a Pet the Dog moment, I don't know what is.
  • Marvel Two-In-One #96 has Ben Grimm stuck in the hospital after a fight and a bunch of heroes go in to visit him. Even more, a bunch of villains decide to take the opportunity to beat him down, except for Doctor Doom, who deems it beneath him.
    • The first heartwarming bit comes from the fact that numerous heroes and rivals come together to protect Ben from the army of villains.
    • The second bit has Sandman being the only villain to break through... and he gives a six-pack and some cigars, noting that probably everyone else gave him flowers instead.
      • The reason Sandman was visiting Ben in the first place is pretty heartwarming; in MTIO #86, Ben encountered Sandman and instead of the usual dust-up, they ended up having a few beers together and Ben convinced Sandman to go straight. Sandman had come to the hospital to thank him for being there when he needed someone.
  • In The Thing's solo series, Ben decides to open a youth center on Yancy Street in order to help the kids there get a chance at a better life. At first, nobody's impressed because he decided to call it the Grimm Youth Center - until the end, when it's revealed that he was naming it after his deceased brother, the founder of the original Yancy Street Gang.
  • Franklin's birthday during Hickman's run. Apart from the Power Pack reunion and Spider-Man giving Franklin a web-swinging piggy-back ride, Reed, Sue and Franklin invited Leech and Artie to stay with them, and Franklin and Val gave Artie a device that simulated his mental projection powers that he used to communicate, and that he lost during M-Day.
  • In Fantastic Four #606, when their beloved postman and family friend Willie Lumpkin is diagnosed with an inoperable tumor. the team shrink themselves to microscopic size and arrange to have themselves injected into his bloodstream to remove the tumor and save his life. Ben Grimm's reaction when the doctor informs the team the only hope is for a miracle says it all:
    "A miracle...does that guy have any idea who he's talking to?"