!! The 1994 cartoon:
* TheOtherDarrin: A coupleómost notably, Doctor Doom and the Human Torchóbut nowhere near as extreme as what ''WesternAnimation/IronMan'' went through.
** ''Three'' people actually voiced Doctor Doom during the series' run.
** Creator/BradGarrett replaced Creator/RobPaulsen (from ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries'') as Hydro-Man.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Plans for a third season included Sue's pregnancy (with She-Hulk or Medusa filling up the vacancy) and the return of the Sub-Mariner.
** And probably we've seen the return of Puppet Master, and find out where he's been.

!! The comic book:
* FollowTheLeader: By Stan Lee's [[WordOfGod own account]], the Fantastic Four were conceived as a way to cash in on the success of [[Creator/DCComics DC]]'s ''Franichse/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica'' series.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: According to Stan Lee's [[http://zak-site.com/Great-American-Novel/images/1-5/synopsis1.jpg initial]] [[http://zak-site.com/Great-American-Novel/images/1-5/synopsis2.jpg plot]], published in ''Fantastic Four #358'':
** Reed's stretching powers would've harmed him.
** Sue was originally permanently invisible, and she'd be more or less an InvisibleStreaker. To compensate, Sue would wear a mask to indicate her location.
** Ben would suffer from ChronicBackStabbingDisorder.
** Johnny's powers were limited, meaning at any point his flame could shut off.
** During Creator/ChrisClaremont's run on the title, he had initially planned for [[Comicbook/XMen Kitty Pryde]] to be a recurring cast member, serving as a live-in nanny for Franklin Richards (this took place shortly after ''Comicbook/{{Excalibur}}'' was cancelled). Then-editor of the X-Men franchise Bob Harras wanted Kitty back in the main X-Men team.
* WriterRevolt: At least one version recounting the team's creation explained that it was meant to be Stan Lee's final comic work, filled to the brim with AuthorAppeal as a way to get back at Martin Goodman for pressuring Lee to FollowTheLeader and write stories based on whatever genre was popular at the time. [[ForWantOfANail If the book had been a failure like Lee anticipated, he would've readily retired from comic book writing to pursue writing for Hollywood.]]