Trivia: ECW

  • Fan Nickname
    • The original ECW is often referred to as "E-C-Dub", due to the famous chant.
    • Rabid ECW fans are referred to as "The Mutants".
    • The ECW revival was often referred to as "WWECW".
  • Fake Nationality: Pablo Marquez was from Ecuador but billed as a Puerto Rican
  • Screwed by the Network: TNN would only air commercials for ECW during the actual show, meaning there was virtually no way to pick up new viewers. Then, TNN opened up public negotiations with Vince McMahon to put WWF Monday Night Raw on the channel, meaning ECW would eventually get axed. ECW, however, couldn't shop for another network until TNN officially cancelled them. By the time they did, ECW was flat broke. Heyman feels this is the reason ECW doesn't exist today.