Trivia / ECW

  • Breakup Breakout: Show-wise, WWECW's most successful alumnus is CM Punk, who became a star comparable to John Cena. Arguments can be made for The Miz, Sheamus, John Morrison, and Bobby Lashley for second place. Christian and Matt Hardy don't count, as they were long-established stars well prior to WWECW and both were only sent there to carry the show for the sake of the younger talent that were getting experience there.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • ECW honchos revolted when the Sandman was "crucified", among them Joey Styles — the long-suffering NewsCorp employee who sat through this, the "kiss my ASS!" shoot, the fire incident, and the ghastly TNT show — and Francine, both Catholics. Raven still insists that it was "the right heat", while everybody else agrees that it was not.
      Joey Styles: Eighty percent of this country is Christian. It's the religion that changed the world. Probably not the best choice. And Kurt Angle—who I guess is Christian—standing right next to me, starts screaming at ME! And I'm screaming back! 'I don't know! I didn't book this thing!'
    • Terry Taylor reached his limit with the Danbury Fall; the logical end point of those stupid-high dives done at Paul and Tod's behest.note 
      Terry Taylor: New Jack and Vic Grimes fell 20 feet! They aren't stuntmen! They're on concrete, it should've killed them! And what would've happened if they would've died? They'd have moved 'em over and kept goin'.
  • Fan Nickname
    • The original ECW is often referred to as "E-C-Dub", due to the famous chant.
    • Rabid ECW fans are referred to as "The Mutants".
    • The ECW revival was often referred to as "WWECW".
  • Fake Nationality: Pablo Marquez was from Ecuador but billed as a Puerto Rican.
  • Follow the Leader: A few things that are copied from ECW to this day include submissions symbolized by tapping out, three-way matches (till then only found in even smaller promotions), saying "WOO" when using Ric Flair's moves, lucha libre and Japanese-influenced lightweight wrestling, fans bringing weapons and of course, hardcore wrestling.
  • Franchise Zombie: Between WWE's ECW brand, the Extreme Revolution (an ECW stable in early TNA), Hardcore Homecoming's tours and EV2.0, a lot of people seem to have trouble letting go.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: When ECW on TNN aired.
  • Screwed by the Network: TNN would air ECW on TNN on the Friday Night Death Slot, and would only show commercials for ECW during the actual show, meaning there was virtually no way to pick up new viewers. Then, TNN opened up public negotiations with Vince McMahon to put WWF Monday Night Raw on the channel, meaning ECW would eventually get axed. ECW, however, couldn't shop for another network until TNN officially cancelled them. By the time they did, ECW was flat broke. Heyman feels this is the reason ECW doesn't exist today.