Headscratchers / ECW

  • Back in November 1998, going into N2R, the big feud was the Triple Threat (Douglas/Candido/Bigelow) vs. Bill Alfonso's trio of Rob Van Dam, Taz and Sabu. The TV shows would usually end with all of these guys brawling around. However, you also had The Dudley Boys joining in on the Triple Threat's side, with "The Hardcore Chair Swinging Freaks" Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten with Masato Tanaka joining the fight on the RVD/Sabu/Taz side. Now, Balls and Tanaka were going to be challenging the Dudleys for the ECW World Tag Team Titles, so it made sense for them to attack the Dudleys, but why were the Dudleys helping out the Triple Threat? Was this supposed to have led to something? Bigelow jumped to WCW after this show, Candido was sidelined by his drug/alcohol issues, and Taz broke away from Fonzie's team after this show. Does anyone know if the Dudleys helping the Triple Threat was going to go somewhere?
-This troper's memory may be off, but he recalls that the Triple Threat helped them take the belts off RVD and Sabu, so maybe it was paying back a favor?